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Nothing EVER Works!
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Roasting Your WORST Setups
How far will Intel GO?
MyNameAZeus 16 timer siden
"massa-two-sits" lol
Dylanfoxay gameh
Dylanfoxay gameh 16 timer siden
water cool quest 2 x3
Mickel Ntek
Mickel Ntek 16 timer siden
i can already see it people switch to cloud gaming and bam everyone and their dog starts a cloud gaming service and driving GPU prices even higher.
GadgetPaleDad 16 timer siden
Need an asterisk on the "Automotive Industry" as most of the newer Electric Vehicle Companies (*cough* Tesla) follow the Apple model. Watch an old Rich Rebuilds video about his ability to require parts as well as the post-repair experience.
Lucky Man
Lucky Man 16 timer siden
Mark James
Mark James 16 timer siden
at 1:43 top left two lines below xCloud. What is an "Adroid"? Not a typo. Cool. Looking for a guy who looks for Typos? Look no further! For real. It might be shot in the dark but lemme know if there's an opening editorial position for proof reading. I catch this stuff multiple times a day from even some of the smartest channels on the internet.
Jack Lee
Jack Lee 16 timer siden
Fucking yes. Thank you Linus for bringing further attention to this.
Jack McKenzie
Jack McKenzie 16 timer siden
I agree with a form of right to repair, however I don't believe that a company should be forced to sell parts to consumers. However if they choose not to sell parts, they give up the right to sue the company's that sell or manufacturer replacement parts.
Sam Johnson
Sam Johnson 16 timer siden
I hand rub on social media, i get banned.
AM Real
AM Real 16 timer siden
Apple are fu*king crooks
Gonzalo Cativa
Gonzalo Cativa 16 timer siden
I may also want to add that this legislation happening won't just affect USA, but really it will be the kick to start conversations all around the world. This is important guys.
fijillian 16 timer siden
Thank you for talking about this. Videos like this is why I’m a fan.
aStrayforMyTime 16 timer siden
maybe there is a way to have and older gpu do the close up important details that needed for competitive gaming and stream the background and textures.
Ail Fawka
Ail Fawka 16 timer siden
How dare you think rational, logical thoughts. Off with his head! 😵 Conspiracy theorists are often correct Linus, think tobacco conspiracy, where they created false science and paid scientists and doctors to lie about their products. Or more recently, the biotech cancer win, where the biotech company produced their own science and marketing to trick people into thinking their products, didn't cause cancer. It's a dirty criminal world, where your rights get a back seat and the good guys are in short supply and get ridiculed and discredited with tin foil hat insults. You shouldn't have to explain that what you are presenting isn't some "tin foil hat conspiracy" linus, but that's how scary and toxic doing the right thing has become.
Bryce 16 timer siden
Linus is not at ALL the channel i thought Louis was talking about earlier... Wow!
Shashwat Studies
Shashwat Studies 16 timer siden
14:59 was da best ahhhahaaaa
Eric Boal
Eric Boal 16 timer siden
I like that Linus still has the bandaid from the tour
Joey 16 timer siden
This needs to blow up!
Daniel Cavalheiro
Daniel Cavalheiro 16 timer siden
Thank you, Linus. Incredibly important stuff
Hang Tight Gaming
Hang Tight Gaming 16 timer siden
Ouf at this time 95 companies dislike this idea.
Boris Aleksić
Boris Aleksić 16 timer siden
3:51 Sad Strange Parts' noises
NuclearPlays InYT
NuclearPlays InYT 16 timer siden
1:42 you can see a vtuber stream on the right side of the screen recommended, nice
André Las Casas
André Las Casas 16 timer siden
Wouldn't more effective recycling be a good middle ground? You can still make crappy things that don't last as long, so the economy would still circulate, and the materials for new things could be harvested from the old things, not being such a burden on the environment
Will Phillips
Will Phillips 16 timer siden
Hey somebody is here liking comments!
mec 16 timer siden
Idriss Assemlal
Idriss Assemlal 16 timer siden
At least, in UE, we already have a right to repair. To go further, here in France, we have a score relative to the repair's potential of a product. For now, it only concerns 5 types of electronic devices, such as : 1) Washing Machine 2) Smartphones 3) Laptops 4) TV 5) lawn mower It is far from enough as the field of electronic devices concerned is quite narrow. However, this is a huge step on the right direction. I hope more and more countries make laws that go in that direction !
Younes Layachi
Younes Layachi 16 timer siden
Mass o' toothaches :))
Donn 16 timer siden
Is this legal to donate to if you're not in the US? I want to but I'm weary
John M
John M 16 timer siden
11:31 ...$400 for a tiny fucking leather holder. They're out of their fucking minds.
William Tael
William Tael 16 timer siden
Intellectual propriety is a State exclusive forceful and unethical way to create and maintain mono/oligopolies. And as we all know, copy is not the same as theft, as theft is forced subtraction and copy is addition or multiplication. Forced copy, on the other hand, is unethical, like server hacking invasion, for example. So yes, the "right to repair" is on the capitalist libertarian side (ethical).
T Hit
T Hit 16 timer siden
thank you for supporting
Sizukun 16 timer siden
They put in non replaceable batteries to make devices thinner, and we accepted. Then we put on phone cases to double the thickness to protect these fragile devices. How about manufacturers double the thickness, make it durable, and make batteries replaceable again?
Jack James
Jack James 16 timer siden
Things breaking fast is annoying as hell to me especially Seine as I have had to get multiple Xbox controllers but my old original GameCube controller I still use perfectly fine almost 20 years later
gary spikberg
gary spikberg 16 timer siden
Apple execs quick on the dislike button it seems
Kyle Cooper
Kyle Cooper 16 timer siden
Apple, john deer, Tesla........ all oppose right to repair......
Christian Ferguson
Christian Ferguson 16 timer siden
Omg John deer pisses me off!
Hector Canizales
Hector Canizales 16 timer siden
6:15 missed an opportunity to write 420
jogurcik13 16 timer siden
Just learn to install custom roms and boycott apple like dystopian brands
Txmj122 16 timer siden
ssk 16 timer siden
James Birnie
James Birnie 16 timer siden
Linus I was an old apple tech I agree with right to repair but the OLED screens didn’t not cost us 70$... I know apples cost is different but they were more like 220$...
Dave Something
Dave Something 16 timer siden
just another few reasons crApple can get knotted...
TJ Choe
TJ Choe 16 timer siden
13:02 "We are not doing any *." Did you SEE your latest tweet on 3D printing?
Phil Levchenko
Phil Levchenko 16 timer siden
Meh, I wonder if this gonna change soon. Now most people are just like trained zombies... buy buy buy..
NAWW 16 timer siden
I was on the brink before this video(for the arguments you've mentioned) and now I'm on board completely
Billy Jackson
Billy Jackson 16 timer siden
Crappy performance over wifi? I guess I'll just go and upgrade to the new model, that will fix everything.
Nicolai Cornelis
Nicolai Cornelis 16 timer siden
I don't normally participate in fund-raising, but I find this to be super important and Louis is definitely the right guy to back. Donated. And you should too. Yes, you, reading this. Go.
Carter Thiel
Carter Thiel 16 timer siden
If ANYONE currently is not in favor of this legislation, please reply with your reasoning. This issue is near and dear to me and I would love to give you some more information.
DAREALDUCK 16 timer siden
i dont know how but my dads old ass iphone 4s is still going strong. and the whole ass thing is blemish free and the battery is still holding a great charge after heavy use for 9 years. they really dont make them like they used to.
Denny 16 timer siden
this stuff is what makes user created content so much more appealing. genuine content from channels like LTT is what keeps some hope in me for this fked up place.
ボロ from EU
ボロ from EU 16 timer siden
Well we should just go back to allowing users to easily install custom made roms on their phones and let the community do the rest. Software obsolescence fixed just like it used to be before locked bootloaders, void warranties and baned services on rooted devices.
Jonathan Wilson
Jonathan Wilson 16 timer siden
Gary Mike
Gary Mike 16 timer siden
You tell them Linus!!!
PoPi Gloria
PoPi Gloria 16 timer siden
But Linus, Tesla doesnt give you Spare parts right?
david liu
david liu 16 timer siden
Linus please become the face of the Canadian R2R movement.
Bruno Costa
Bruno Costa 16 timer siden
Don't buy from Apple
Super Toddy
Super Toddy 16 timer siden
Hit up legal eagle!!!!!!
Niall Stoddard
Niall Stoddard 16 timer siden
It should also be noted that Tesla is also very against the right to repair. Rich Rebuilds has some interesting videos about how Tesla has attacked him for repairing their cars.
Bruno Yudi
Bruno Yudi 16 timer siden
is crazy to me that anyone is DUMB enough to be against the right to repair a device without having to rely on warranty or after the warranty is expired, how much of a rich spiled brat you gotta be to think that?
R.A 16 timer siden
Easy. Boycott the companies that oppose to right to repair. These companies shouldn't be allowed to exist.
ee ee
ee ee 16 timer siden
4:31 how are people stupid enough to not support the right to repair this because "I don't want to repair it". It astonishes me at how little thought people actually put into things.
J 16 timer siden
Video games should have a right to preserve too
Aaron 16 timer siden
Here’s the problem. Louis Rossman wants this and he’s a giant dirtbag. His entire career is owed to Apple. I want to see him destroyed.
burnzy3210 16 timer siden
louis rossmann is a modern day hero!
alex 16 timer siden
Yessir linus
PhunkBustA 16 timer siden
11:30 a lot of the random components could actually go to educational institutions, like all the smd resistors/capacitors etc etc.. it aint broke, dont fix it, repurpose it, dont just throw it into the 3rd world like srsly, wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ppl are stupid
Gilbert Jaxon
Gilbert Jaxon 16 timer siden
LordJoey999 16 timer siden
I buy android phones for a reason, why you still using Apple?
Daniel Moreira
Daniel Moreira 16 timer siden
This is so serious there was no segway to sponsor
krist madsen
krist madsen 16 timer siden
I have an ipad that works just fine except it's locked . I called apple and asked them if I should just throw it in the trash and they said "it's up to you what you do with it" lol
James Logan
James Logan 16 timer siden
First, it was Trump calling people to... peacefully protest a capitol, then it was Maxine Waters telling Minnesota to... peacefully protest. Now, it's Linus telling us to... peacefully protest apple?
Rick Gao
Rick Gao 16 timer siden
The 95 dislikes are the corporate social media reps
CarthagoMike 16 timer siden
Now lets just hope the EU will do something along the lines of right to repair as wel. For now, the European Commission has had a plan for years, but the European Parliament outright refuses to put it on the agenda.
Jack 16 timer siden
Based Linus?
Kevan 16 timer siden
"Apple has gotten better over the last couple of years", yeah, better at serial locking parts so that, even if you are capable of disassembling a brand new device that has never even been turned on before to harvest a brand new, authentic, first party part, say a camera, you still can't do that because the old phone KNOWS that the new camera, even though its an authentic, brand new camera from a brand new phone, isn't the one that was originally installed in the phone, and of course, the software required to fix this issue, Apple WILL NOT provide. Don't get me wrong, apple aren't the only ones doing it, but this is toxic cancerous crap (literally!, learn about e-waste dumps) and it needs to stop, and its companies like apple especially that need to get their act together, they actually have the ability to make a relatively small dent in the large amount of e-waste that is produced, but at this point they seem far more interested in just making sure every apple user completely replaces their devices as regularly as possible.
ConcreteComa 16 timer siden
Holy shit is this a rossman reachout video
GloomOfficial 16 timer siden
Wow... It's been 2 minutes since the upload and there is already 137,000 views and 1,292 comments. H.O.W.