NVIDIA gets Destroyed - WAN Show March 19, 2021

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Linus Tech Tips

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Timestamps (Not sure who posted the original comment but thanks to Not Camy, jasons dad & Svgge for the repost!)
00:00:01 --- Topics (Nvidia RTX 3060 “unhackable” mining limited drivers, AMD launching the RX 6700XT, 11th gen core line up, and Google slashes Play Store fees).
00:01:11 --- Intro.
00:01:34 --- Daylight savings time is the reason the WAN show is early today.
00:01:54 --- The “unhackable” RTX 3060 has been hacked!
00:14:49 --- Linus addresses the NiceHash sponsorship earlier this week.
00:24:19 --- Sponsor Spot: Ridge Wallet.
00:25:41 --- Sponsor Spot: Remote HQ.
00:26:26 --- Sponsor Spot: Private Internet Access.
00:30:56 --- Linus is extremely extremely gutted and disappointed about the issues that prevented Linus Media Group from getting a new headquarters.
00:34:47 --- 11th gen core lineup unveiled as more reviews leak.
00:42:08 --- AMD launches the RX 6700XT.
00:42:45 --- Google slashes Play Store fees with a twist.
00:50:41 --- SX8200 Pro bounty update.
00:51:11 --- AMD refuses to limit cryptocurrency mining performance.
00:52:02 --- Verified Actual Gamer Program Update.
01:01:05 --- Super/Floatplane Chats.
01:12:48 --- Outro.
01:13:08 --- Outro/Intro animation.

Individual Super Chats and Floatplane Chats
01:01:05 --- "Scrapyard Wars L.M.G. vs DIY Perks when?"
01:01:31 --- "L.M.G. should buy the whole building they are in and lease out the parts they don't use."
01:03:30 --- "Linus you inspire me daily, keep being you."
01:03:37 --- Linus becomes more annoying in response to "Hey Linus, hope you put your vacation to good use, you've become unprecedentedly annoying for the last month or so."
01:04:27 --- "Wouldn't tell you your business. If it saves the opportunity if Utility issues. Could monitize vids on DIY..."
01:05:06 --- "Any plans to include some sort of code compilation benchmark in your toolkit?"
01:05:27 --- "Dell update?" and "Shoe Dryer update?"
01:06:50 --- "Mouse pad and desk pad update?"
01:07:28 --- "Love your content and your beard looks really nice."
01:07:42 --- "Linus, please take care on your vacation, your skin is starting to look unhealthy recently."
01:07:59 --- "I'm a bit behind in the stream but in reply to the intent of crypto and its environmental impact, I think it's more worth talking about the reality instead of the ideals..."
01:08:22 --- "Would you consider adding some sort of option to get notified when desk pad is on stock (i.e. email)?"
01:08:52 --- "As an American I don't get to pick the tariffs. We deal with a price that is provided to us like anyone else..."
01:09:36 --- "Did it ever dawn on you that you're buying cards that gamers could have and now are holding them for an excessive amount of time, how many are you holding?"
01:10:58 --- "I want to know what else I should eat for dinner, skittles was a no go last time."
01:11:16 --- "Who is the best pony?"

Michael Brown
Michael Brown 4 dager siden
Nobody: "ltt water bottle.." Nobody again: "ltt store dot comm..."
David R
David R 8 dager siden
Close your eyes, listen to Linus and imagine Steve Carell as Michael Scott being your favorite tech advisor...
Riley Doraine
Riley Doraine 11 dager siden
The current issue with NiceHash stems more from the lack of decentralization, abuse of crypto networks, and multi dollar cut.
Riley Doraine
Riley Doraine 11 dager siden
Also when you use NiceHash you are not a "retail" miner. You are a collaborative mining operation with a centralized head. By using NiceHash *YOU* are their hardware and they pay you a cut.
richfiles π
richfiles π 12 dager siden
No one actually cares about NiceHash. They care about exerting power over others. There is no paying or forgiveness with those types of people. Doesn't matter if the company apologizes or what happens with the founder... It's forever a point these people can *whine* about. The only winning move is to ignore them.
Wigadama 15 dager siden
Stay safe, handsome/beautiful :)
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 16 dager siden
@54:55 My American brain rn:❓❓❓🤯🤯
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 16 dager siden
Linus hyping himself up with a "you got this" RIGHT at the start was so adorable
PistonPete 17 dager siden
The voice announcing the trains at my local train station: 1:04:18 You dont understand sh*t
Moon 19 dager siden
Linus releases an angry video with ~3M views railing against crypto while demanding that Nvidia unlock the hash rate limiter, gets 250K upvotes because none of his viewers have the braincells to comprehend the hypocrisy (and then later confirms his hypocrisy by releasing a full video on how to get in on crypto mining). Shortly later, Nvidia releases the unlocked driver. Accident? Coincidence? Hard to know. But either way, fuck you Linus.
deemon 19 dager siden
Now you can actually use those "only mining cards" with official nvidia driver enabled GPU-passthrough? :P Make your own plex server or whatever.
Frédéric Jeanbart
Frédéric Jeanbart 20 dager siden
About the growing scarcity of computer parts (GCs but not only that, memory too as their price have raised lately), IMHO there's another factor to consider: big companies like Wall Mart, Best Buy etc who have gone over their primal business leitmotivs in their offerings towards VAR avenues, e.g. selling their own lines of PC builds. The more they can stack in their stockrooms, the greater their leverage can be for such a market (acting as scalpers). At the very least, this would be something to explore and monitor...
Vikas arora
Vikas arora 22 dager siden
This is my first podcast ever watched. The binge watching starts now!
SurelyYewJest 22 dager siden
I'm American and you can say it all day long if you want: The prior administration which shall not be named was galactically irresponsible and petty and stupid and vindictive for its own sake because it had the USD and lack of any real intra-governmental accountability to stand behind.
Pieter-Louis Potgieter
Pieter-Louis Potgieter 24 dager siden
Will you guys be willing to ship internationally? To South Africa for example?
Pieter-Louis Potgieter
Pieter-Louis Potgieter 24 dager siden
I've got a US shipping address, but importing for a 2nd time to ZAR, would be expensive. Would be great if you could ship internationally without going via USA
Dylan Richards
Dylan Richards 25 dager siden
Even if miners don't grab them, scalpers still will. There will be no change for the typical gamer as they will still fetch extortionate prices until supply can recover.
lumbum 25 dager siden
anyone know where i can buy a new gpu fan for a acer predator helios 300 G3-572, ive been searching for hours.. i need help, only actual gpu fan ive seen is from a acer-connected distributor company in germany that only has the whole cooling system for way over my budget price for this repair, just looking for a separate gpu fan
Zero the Wanderer
Zero the Wanderer 26 dager siden
Admittedly I don't catch most of these when they come out, so I just listen to them on a day off or something. Would like to offer my 2 cents as a 'murican. I've honestly never directly paid any import duties on anything I've ordered from around the world (China, Malaysia, Germany, UK, Australia, etc), so it's not something most of us are familiar with. However, please don't let that stop you from hooking up other V.A.G.s, just start the program now and let America jump in at a later date, or at least let us register and pay the fees if we want to. I would still prefer paying MSRP + tax + duty fees vice buying from a scalper any day of the week, even if it ends up being a similar price.
deep hazarika
deep hazarika 26 dager siden
no you are wrong, iPads are bad now. when i buy a tablet i want it to be a tablet not a laptop. a tablet becoming like a laptop is not a good thing. eg watching a video while lying on bed- it's very difficult to do with the new ipad but very comfortable with a normal tablet.
Dustistream 26 dager siden
I am so happy you guys can eat now
Нестор Махно
Нестор Махно 26 dager siden
why would anyone use mousepads in 2021
Andrey Sotnikov
Andrey Sotnikov 26 dager siden
Why one needs to buy a VPN, if we have Tor?
Andy Joel Harper
Andy Joel Harper 27 dager siden
Linus, being salty, aren't we?!
pieskmista 27 dager siden
So I'm trying to find info on the verified actual gamer program.. How do I verify my gamer-ness ?
Michael Jarvi
Michael Jarvi 27 dager siden
Time to send donos in rubles... get linus to do stuff for less than 1.50 USD
Tokkoa 27 dager siden
still loving my i5-9600k, guess ill get a 3060 next year lol
Pedro Sanchez
Pedro Sanchez 27 dager siden
I wouldn't buy anything lower than the RTX 3080. The graphics cards lower than the 3080 is pure garbage.
Angel h
Angel h 27 dager siden
if you dont get 1 just sit back and keep trying. Thank you linus for looking out for us and to the trolls need to go take a long walk on a short pier
kepeter97 27 dager siden
fuck mining, it takes at least a month to get a payout, then I still have to sell it, just to get 2 games worth of cash. It gets fucked up randomly, requires lots of troubleshooting, reinstalling and shit like that. I don't need 100usd that bad.
Mana Rallego
Mana Rallego 27 dager siden
2:29 I'd hope so! I'd like to use the hardware I pay for any effing way I want... Instead of restricting their products or pointing fingers, how about the industry fix the way their hardware gets distributed, or buy back old hardware to recylce it? Might solve some production bottlenecks...
Diamond55155 27 dager siden
Americans whining about tarifs meanwhile Europeans are used to buy 200 dollar tech for 250 EUR
Zach R
Zach R 28 dager siden
Thank you guys for the VAG. I don't think enough people are seeing the good you guys did there
Emil Andrag
Emil Andrag 28 dager siden
Mine was in an airconditioned room, and the room was a toasty 36 degrees. I live in Oman and it is 44 degrees outside so aircon is required
Eric Marcus
Eric Marcus 28 dager siden
I never got an actual passport. I've been to Canada a lot of times before 2002 (I haven't been there since) and we didn't need a passport to get in or out. So there was no reason at the time to get one since I don't travel and I don't travel cause I don't make enough money to travel far enough to need a passport. I guess our new ID's can be used as a passport, if this is true then I dodged the whole headache of getting a passport.
Finster1974 28 dager siden
Gets notification for video. Watches video all the way through. Goes to website. All out of stock. What a mess. VAG is right. Very angry gamers. No great surprise there then. Good effort but didn't resolve the problem. I'm not bitter as I wanted to see how much shipping to the UK would be first, but it clearly didn't work. Not many people posting on here they got one. I would be interested to hear if any went to Asia / China region. A quick street view check. Quick name and address check first. If not a residential property then you do not get one. An update on the success or not in this case would be nice.
testerpt5 28 dager siden
funny most portuguese also don't have passports, we either don't have to leave the EU or the country.
nomadben 28 dager siden
Luke, looking great these days man.
pixel dennis
pixel dennis 28 dager siden
Is this being turned into a podcast yet? Id love to listen to this on the road
YourMomGoogle 28 dager siden
I was glad to here 2 corrections of yourself in here Linus. One being for 13:51 about the significant amount of research and development that goes into professional software drivers. I completely agree with everything you said on both sides of the subject, but I did have the anticipation of waiting for you to state that you also appreciate the difference between those two sides. You fulfilled that. The other being for the agreement to no longer advertise NiceHash. While I agree with what you said about them, they are not bad guys, I only feel that your potential influence could sway alot of workers onto that station if you know what I mean. I know this was not at all your intention, and probably is not even really a danger. It was just a bit uncomfortable I suppose. Appreciate the announcement to say the least, but the best option would be to post up a simple video demonstrating the steps to set up various miner types such as lolminer, teamredminer, ethminer, etc on different pools, and even including NiceHash That would be fine and dandy, would get the useful information out to gamers, and have no feeling of being swayed to one side.
joe kane
joe kane 28 dager siden
As soon as the RTX 3000 series comes out the RTX 2000 series starts messing up. I watched all the 2080s needing to be fixed due to artifacts and tried all the fixes but in the end I had to RMA it. EVGA has been really great about it and gave me the green light to RMA cant wait to have my 2080 back.
Red X
Red X 28 dager siden
Look at this guy giving us investment tips when this clown blew 50k into GameStop after it went up like 10x. Sound advice Love you Linus
Justin Emlay
Justin Emlay 28 dager siden
500k per 1k sf? That's insane! We didn't pay anywhere near that in SoCal in the states. That would put our building around 55 million.
Justin Emlay
Justin Emlay 28 dager siden
$350 per sf is a huge difference.
racvets1 28 dager siden
I just realized this is why they killed SLI. If you had 2 cards, the mining limiter kicked in :)
Gondamar 28 dager siden
You can really tell that Linus is sick of taking sh*t over the verified actual gamer program lmao
Oblu 28 dager siden
DIY Perks! Yes please..
The Casual Gamer
The Casual Gamer 28 dager siden
im a vatifire Gamer i even play on linux :-b but who cares if you get one you get one if you dont then you dont. get over it and get on with your life.
Michael Berlinger
Michael Berlinger 29 dager siden
I wonder if you can just mine in a VM or container 😉
Sean Woof
Sean Woof 29 dager siden
For the Nvidia drivers with mining vs gaming, couldn’t you dual boot with one OS having the game ready drivers and one with the dev drivers that remove the limited?
Scott curtis
Scott curtis 29 dager siden
When is scrapwars gon a happen again you twits? 😂....best ever!
Samuel Tetley Estes
Samuel Tetley Estes 29 dager siden
Decent, reasonable Canadians. Oh yeah... hilarious too. This isn't news! Not a very funny joke but what can I say? I'm not Canadian. Great episode, gentlemen.
Deepshika Gopinathan
Deepshika Gopinathan 29 dager siden
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ROLO Gaming
ROLO Gaming 29 dager siden
To be honest nicehash its probably what gamers would use, I am a gamer primarily, bit i can only play in the afternoon, the rest of the day I kept my pc mining and its cool that we have the ability to do it. AND i wan something that i can just press ply and start mining then just press pause when I start palying. I don't want to go and look for a pool, what coin to mine, the miner software etc.
Zapp Brannigan
Zapp Brannigan 29 dager siden
The matrix code coming down... you are showing your age and location! "reboot"
Richard Russell
Richard Russell 29 dager siden
Apparently, using a VPN can get your Steam account banned.
Richard Russell
Richard Russell 29 dager siden
Nerfing mining performance would have no connection to scalpers. Miners aren't buying the cards to flip for profit.
asoftdolphin 29 dager siden
i’m a actual gamer, check my steam account, but real gamers play on shitty pcs😎1050ti and Ryzen 2600 is pretty snazzy if you ask me My boy linus spitting facts
Kenneth Munk
Kenneth Munk 29 dager siden
Yeah, that wasn't going to stop them forever. The mining community by its nature is an encryption cracking community.
ΥOᴜ DOᴎ,T KᴻoW ME 29 dager siden
mmmmm shepherd's pie 😋
Justin Emlay
Justin Emlay 29 dager siden
Not sell them to Americans? That's ignorant considering all the Canadian product that moves through the US to the Canada that is subject to all the same things.
christopher Jara Vargas
christopher Jara Vargas 29 dager siden
I thought i was getting crazy watching LMG Clips and saying, I saw this days ago!
Justin Emlay
Justin Emlay 29 dager siden
NiceHash is fine. People are full of it. Just make sure to transfer to a private wallet from time to time.
Joao Eduardo Soares e Silva
Joao Eduardo Soares e Silva 29 dager siden
52:00 I am a real gamer just a broke one.
wileycsg 29 dager siden
be glad the deal collapsed
Frankciscophil 29 dager siden
Anyone else kinda hoping that the Verified Actual Gamer program is gonna be heralded under the name "NCIX"? More so cuz pc parts retailing and it makes this entire venture go full circle for Linus.
zeveroare R
zeveroare R 29 dager siden
And that's why murricans have no idea about the whole wide world out there.
Dennis Hunsdon
Dennis Hunsdon 29 dager siden
"Accidentally" released an un-nerfed mining driver. Yea right.
MKTech 29 dager siden
Wait NiceHash returned the coin? When, because I never got mine?
Lukeskywouker Måned siden
Can someone write here a resume of they said?
FullThrottle099 Måned siden
I would actually use FloatplaneVPN..
ZandarKoad Måned siden
Blockchain is fundamentally stupid for electronic transactions at scale.
robbin mcoley
robbin mcoley Måned siden
I use a whistle (a British rail one inc neck tether)...I never get asked for tickets on trains...
Ken Emeigh
Ken Emeigh Måned siden
I dont understand why miners are being demonized. Who cares what people do with the product they bought.
Indiana Stones
Indiana Stones Måned siden
central digital money wont work
Sir Henk
Sir Henk Måned siden
Gotta love import tax, spent probably a total of like £70 or £80 on the LTT stealth hoodie. Its so frustrating to buy stuff in dollars cz you think like "ah cool $60 is like £43 that's not a lot" but then the merciless shipping costs and import fees get added
beat my meat
beat my meat Måned siden
some peoples stupidity makes me hate people even more
Zex Maxwell
Zex Maxwell Måned siden
I've made $250 with nice hash. If you guys don't want that, more money for me.
Bits & Bytes
Bits & Bytes Måned siden
People Linus is doing his best, give him a break! Any comments I have made were just to point out how no matter how hard we try to do our best somethings are unavoidable like how really only rich gamers right now can get these cards right now even more so due to shipping from Canada to USA unfortunately. But Linus is doing his best to get these cards to gamers! At lease Linus is doing his best. I have been streaming almost every night btw if needed Linus if you need to lower shipping costs your welcome to drive them to US :) and I will ship them from Michigan or Ohio :) I work in Toledo and live in Sandusky so I could meet you in either place. it me up on Twitch if you need help TheRealSarcasmO . Keep up the tech awesomeness oh and don't drop any of the hardware will ya ;) :P
htmagic Måned siden
My wife and I are American and we both have passports. And I have old ASIC miners I bought off eBay collecting bitdust for me! And that was annoying!
X41N3 Måned siden
I used ltt's discount for a 2 year contract with pia. it was unusable, slow, no netflix...it's only good when ur still downloading torrents. Fucking waste of money when I tried it
Mantisman™ Måned siden
49:30 - Two words (not those lol) "Australia + Centrelink" research it.................
Alex Fletcher
Alex Fletcher Måned siden
Thing is though, people are driven by greed and as the price rises... more people get into it
M0rn1n6St4r Måned siden
1:04:00 *Super-Annoying Fun-Time!* If you did not hear this in _true surround-sound,_ you missed a startling and gruesome effect. My dog is traumatized. When Linus turned the annoying _up to eleven,_ she panicked and headed for the exit. It sounded like the "Arena" listening-mode on my AV receiver. *Disclaimer: Some animals **_were harmed_** in the playback of this video.* :-)
FallenShamsiel Måned siden
This is probably self explanatory for most, but to get that 15% off Ridge Wallet, you actually need to enter WAN as a discount code on the checkout step of the shopping cart, the URL ref was not enough.
gonace Måned siden
Now that was a nice way telling Americans they're spoiled :D
Alpha Bet
Alpha Bet Måned siden
Literally fuck the current GPU situation.
BobIV123 Måned siden
I mean, people are going to complain no matter what, if you hand someone $19, they're going to ask why it wasn't $20, and there's always the people who think screaming and shouting will get them something, not to mention the jerks who do it simply for self-satisfaction. Thanks for trying to do something about this GPU situation despite that!
2nd_place Måned siden
I don't think I can support this content any longer if Linus is a brony. That's just a bit too much.
fro16883 Måned siden
at this point when it comes to scalpers and miners you should have to buy GFX cards and processors in person with a global registration system to force people to one person per card and processor for 6 months and then another 6 months till a year after release date.
Polyp Måned siden
Just to shatter your North American view of the world: In Europe you can travel a lot of countries without a passport. An ID Card is most likely sufficient. So a lot of people do not have a passport here.
galgalimeyes91 Måned siden
Don't remove that hash video!!!! I don't watch it yet
Kyle Måned siden
I don't know if I would be the only one interested in it or if it just isn't the right channel for it but I would love to see the things you guys had to set up in order to work with the tariffs in place. I'm American and am interested in specifically Canada's side to selling something to American consumers and visa versa.
metroidfan220 Måned siden
One of the things I appreciate about Linus is that he does not cede creative control to advertisers, and still respects the audience enough to listen when they don't like a particular direction. Very few NOpostrs have the integrity to do either of these things, much less both simultaneously.
Pablo Vazquez
Pablo Vazquez Måned siden
ask for proof later that someone still has that gamer only gpu they are selling, will deter flipping the card later
Lukaroast Måned siden
I dunno I think Linus is a bit out of touch attributing some community members that are ignorant about thing slike tariffs and who get illogically mad about it as a trait of americans, its probably that those users are dumb kids who are gonna act toxic about any old thing that inconveniences them. being the tech channel it is, and being related to gaming means you'll have plenty of little kids whining about dumb stuff they really aren't a part of anyhow, but because theyre behind a keyboard, the age correlation is often hidden
morbital Måned siden
There's nothing wrong with NiceHash, vocal minority bitching...
Jim Russell
Jim Russell Måned siden
spoiled or ignorant?
Joe Ca
Joe Ca Måned siden
Brendan Pucel
Brendan Pucel Måned siden
I’m personally bummed you guys aren’t going to work with nicehash anymore. I’ve made some money and I’m really grateful for the video you guys made. It’s unfortunate some people just don’t get the message... 🙄
Matt King
Matt King Måned siden
Shit I was putting my mining rig on the ac vent with a fan directly on it 😂 I like my gpu too much to destroy it
Matt King
Matt King Måned siden
By mining rig I mean gaming rig. I was using it to mine lol. I made $6 so far with my rx 5600 xt
Jeremiah Carr
Jeremiah Carr Måned siden
Its better they remain stratified anyway smaller and more agile better for everybody.
Vis Major
Vis Major Måned siden
Game: Click randomly at the timeline of the video, if it's not Linus talking you get a point. I got 0.
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