FINALLY an AMD Handheld Gaming PC!! - Aya Neo Review

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What if you could have the power of a full windows PC in a device the size of your palm, or at least the size of a Nintendo Switch? Aya definitely has you covered… but the experience isn't perfect.
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Samurai Cheems
Samurai Cheems 14 timer siden
Time to emulate persona 5 on the go
Abhishek Ranjan
Abhishek Ranjan 23 timer siden
wow, awesome and great video....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this video too much.......!!!!!!!!!! In fact, I love only 2 things in my life too much, actually this is my obsession::::_______________________________________________________________ 1. Phones 2. laptops
Paul Alfonso
Paul Alfonso Dag siden
can it run crysis tho?
khusus download
khusus download 2 dager siden
A handheld PC is literally an all-in-one handheld device. Because you can install any console emulator on it
E Man
E Man 3 dager siden
I bought a GPD Win 3 because of Linus's video
NOVO Gaming Clips
NOVO Gaming Clips 4 dager siden
This is technology 😍 . We dont need stupid 12 gb 20gb ram android mobile phones , we need handheld gaming pc😍 . The library is very huge.
Dollar Junior
Dollar Junior 4 dager siden
For the price it is not worth it.
Julius Barodzisas
Julius Barodzisas 4 dager siden
bruh i think I'll buy this
Harvey brooks
Harvey brooks 4 dager siden
I love my 3500u and vega 8 :D I can play far cry 3 at 1080p constant 30fps lock at lowest dx9. Curtain old games can play 1080 low with higher fps as well. Crysis plays at 1080p low with almost 60fps. Arma 3 lowest 720p on a koth server of 60 people plays about 20fps-80fps. Impressive. Here the 4500u and vega 6 out plays the 3500u and vega 8.
Sjoer van der Ploeg
Sjoer van der Ploeg 5 dager siden
Does it run Stadia or Geforce NOW?
MRxPURPLE_official_ 6 dager siden
I have one question just one simple one........ HOW?
Crazycat Gaming
Crazycat Gaming 7 dager siden
Me: mum can I buy nintendo switch Mum: we already have nintendo switch at home Nintendo switch at home: *green*
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 6 dager siden
+1 3 0 6 9 9 2 7 3 1 4...
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming 7 dager siden
Linus face NFT when?
Andrew Berndt
Andrew Berndt 8 dager siden
Cut ya damn nails
WTF Is This
WTF Is This 8 dager siden
"China" Yeah no.
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 6 dager siden
+1 3 0 6 9 9 2 7 3 1 4..
min nutapiban
min nutapiban 8 dager siden
Can I play flight simulator on it
兇萌的小胡蘿蔔 9 dager siden
Pre ordered already, can't wait to play War Thunder on this tiny sweet Bunny 😋😋😋
prw56 9 dager siden
The dummy stupid choice to not have analogue triggers kills it for me. Thought it was moronic when Nintendo did it with the switch, thought it was moronic when sony did it with the ps vita (though especially stupid cause they completely lacked triggers), and its even stupider here given that its going to be running games that expect an xbox controller in many cases. ngl, I don't want to buy it anyway b/c I don't trust chinese manufacturers, but I don't understand how companies keep making this stupid choice.
Casey Falvey
Casey Falvey 9 dager siden
If your going to make those compromises don't waste your time the switch is a much better buy considering it's got a much better battery life and you can remove a controller when it wears one plays hand held for performance and honestly it's twice the price of a switch
Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa 9 dager siden
Every game controller ever should have analog triggers.
BadboyDCX 9 dager siden
It’s hard to get my hand on this thing where to buy it
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 6 dager siden
+1 3 0 6 9 9 2 7 3 1 4...
Bleeder47 10 dager siden
I wish the release more copies of this console especially in the Philippines
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 6 dager siden
+1 3 0 6 9 9 2 7 3 1 4...
lol beginner
lol beginner 10 dager siden
I think it would be good with the new intel iris for enhanced graphics performance.
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 6 dager siden
+1 3 0 6 9 9 2 7 3 1 4..
XCYST The One 10 dager siden
Can it run dark souls 3?
kid lucaz
kid lucaz 10 dager siden
What a time to be alive man,atleast ill die being able to play gta 5 in my hands,im happy.
Maraxxly 11 dager siden
S1m0ne 12 dager siden
Can you imagine if Microsoft had released an Xbox handheld like this? Put Cortana on it and give it LTE and they'd be back in the mobile game in a big way. Anybody else disappointed at Satya's disdain for consumer products?
Nico Toscani
Nico Toscani 13 dager siden
Windows 10 spyware disguised as an OS
Beepbop Boop
Beepbop Boop 13 dager siden
The price tag is outrageous..
리토롱 14 dager siden
Holly, when the Korean subtitles has been put? AWESOME
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 6 dager siden
+1 3 0 6 9 9 2 7 3 1 4..
Black Cat
Black Cat 14 dager siden
dj X.A.N.A
dj X.A.N.A 14 dager siden
I just claimed a ultimate package 1 terabyte model can't wait to get this thing I love my Nintendo switch but oh man is it missing so many good 3rd party games that my PC has and I hate having a double dip
mark rudolf
mark rudolf 14 dager siden
And only 800€. I just bought one
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 6 dager siden
+1 3 0 6 9 9 2 7 3 1 4..
sinchman1 14 dager siden
I'll wait for the Switch Pro XL the Aya Neo doesn't have Nintendo 1st party titles
Wigadama 15 dager siden
Stay safe, handsome/beautiful :)
Charlie1821 15 dager siden
Finally. I can run my shadow pc on here too
Bad Company Gaming
Bad Company Gaming 15 dager siden
Nice. Now I can play Halo MCC on the go
Ashraf Slamang
Ashraf Slamang 16 dager siden
140 minutes is not an hour and a half, it's 2 hours and 20 minutes.
Maury J.
Maury J. 16 dager siden
Aya Neo>Weaktendo Switch
Shane 16 dager siden
Am I wrong to doubt their promises?
MySplatterhouse 16 dager siden
As long as I can play Subverse on it, im in!!! 👍🏿👍🏿
Carlos Sandess
Carlos Sandess 16 dager siden
In Brazil this product is much more expensive, 😭💵💰😖
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 6 dager siden
+1 3 0 6 9 9 2 7 3 1 4..
Rob 16 dager siden
Everything is more expensive in Brazil
Dayne Forbes
Dayne Forbes 16 dager siden
What's the best wireless controller to use while playing the aya neo?
Daniel Neubauer
Daniel Neubauer 16 dager siden
Ps2 emulation for the win~
TeleDanny 17 dager siden
*I have a question for whoever downloaded Osu on that thing* *How in the hell is that gonna work?*
ADJCSee 17 dager siden
I respect the hustle, buy 1k for a handheld is too rich for my tastes. Oof.
Dead_eye 189
Dead_eye 189 17 dager siden
Yes time to strap a screen to a 3090 and cable tie a small itx motherboard with cpu and ram to the back of the 3090
meer nawaz
meer nawaz 17 dager siden
Warthunder on this will be amazing
Gergo 207
Gergo 207 17 dager siden
Now i dont want a nintendo switch, i want this😮
MONARCHK 17 dager siden
correction : "In the shape of a PSVita"
Philip Wells
Philip Wells 17 dager siden
how the fuck do these companies not know you need an oled screen now
Araki 17 dager siden
I see Osu! I am happy
Rasheen Babe
Rasheen Babe 17 dager siden
Where do you buy it?
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 6 dager siden
+1 3 0 6 9 9 2 7 3 1 4..
XDLugia 17 dager siden
1280x800 effectively makes it 1280x720 resolution when running games in 16:9 widescreen. I'd love to get 1366x768 or 1600x900 at least, but it's fine enough considering the Switch also runs with a 720p screen. These Switch clones does seem to get better and better though, so it's pretty cool to see where they are headed.
Aspect Topful
Aspect Topful 17 dager siden
what a clickbate guy
Rob 16 dager siden
heavyarms55 17 dager siden
What a sorry joke. I'll stick with my Switch and Decktop PC. No way I'm spending the kind of money they'd charge for this thing on a crowd funded portable machine.
Arjun Vasudevan
Arjun Vasudevan 18 dager siden
Why does it look broken
Rob 16 dager siden
Did you watch the video?
Shrando 18 dager siden
so a nintendo switch has better specs than my pc
OriginalFake 18 dager siden
nintendo: hah they still can't play our new games on their devices. yuzu:
SonyX64 18 dager siden
Which graphics card is used here?
Rob 16 dager siden
Integrated one
Planet Conker
Planet Conker 18 dager siden
Thats looks pretty good, but I feel as though it will have overheating issues without decent cooling, especially with an AMD CPU inside as they tend to run a lot hotter than an intel CPU.
Jakub Ruduo
Jakub Ruduo 18 dager siden
this pc for kidz
Ethan Bonardel
Ethan Bonardel 18 dager siden
Good start.
Fabio Aguiar
Fabio Aguiar 19 dager siden
Windows instead of a custom Linux distrib? No thanks.
Travis Dark
Travis Dark 19 dager siden
ati is terrible for gaming geforce would have been the way to go
Dermot McCann
Dermot McCann 19 dager siden
I would have probably considered getting one of those if Stadia didn't exist
Adam c
Adam c 19 dager siden
I want portable Xbox one after this
tobey the bully
tobey the bully 19 dager siden
6:14 pee pee theme kicks in,m wallet forgets that it doesn't have any money
Stella Austin
Stella Austin 19 dager siden
The shrill fragrance extragingivally wrap because alibi spectacularly calculate pace a accidental freezer. gaping, curious alley
Aayush 19 dager siden
Saw it On Techno Ruhez channel 😅
ansh sharma
ansh sharma 20 dager siden
fucking war thunder
Chris Daniel
Chris Daniel 20 dager siden
Can't seem to find any of the white or black devices
Isaac Russell
Isaac Russell 20 dager siden
Is it just me or does bearded Linus Tech Tips look like a younger Sean Harris? 😄
sam.shock924 20 dager siden
Frankly I would have compared it to a PSP/Vita before I thought Switch
Johiah plays games
Johiah plays games 20 dager siden
This is better than my laptop
bemersonbakebarmen 20 dager siden
It runs METRO EXODUS at lowest settings in 720p. Thats enough to sell this system.
MegasXLR 21 dag siden
Just bought a PSP 3004 again after 8 years when I bricked mine. Love it :)
Kill Joy
Kill Joy 4 dager siden
Time traveller?
Ulqiorry Gold
Ulqiorry Gold 21 dag siden
Game Test For Reference
Game Test For Reference 21 dag siden
Lin Chin
Lin Chin 21 dag siden
Gpd means shitty battery🔋
Gamagical 21 dag siden
I wonder how well game run, if u use mods aswell.😯
Raphael Sindermann
Raphael Sindermann 21 dag siden
So... Gpd or this?
Moni 1914
Moni 1914 21 dag siden
da go duhash
Ricardo Martínez
Ricardo Martínez 22 dager siden
Why would anyone buy this instead of a normal pc 🤡
Rob 16 dager siden
@Ricardo Martínez There are many scenarios when a person is away from home and has nothing to do for an entire hour.
Ricardo Martínez
Ricardo Martínez 16 dager siden
@Rob nah I do, there are just very few realistic scenarios in which a device like this would actually come in handy
Rob 16 dager siden
You don't get the point of handheld devices eh?
Lord Jashin
Lord Jashin 22 dager siden
3k lmao
GIGGI' 22 dager siden
honestly these things are freaking shitloads. It would 100% better to dedicate that space to a better hardware/monitor and being able to plug a good comfortable joystick. Not to mention the insanely rediculous battery duration and life. I admit it looks fancy, but still it's a complete GARBAGE fancy thing.
Fede Thrasher
Fede Thrasher 22 dager siden
Finally the master race is dominating inferior races haha and making them useless toys for kids. The real power of gaming was... is and will be on the PC ecosystem.
BASIL!!!!! The musical and pumpin' Seagull
BASIL!!!!! The musical and pumpin' Seagull 23 dager siden
His pic reminds me of that old meme "I are disappoint"
Moravid 23 dager siden
Aya Neo 2022: Van Gogh APU with RDNA2 iGPU
Вечерний Джэм
Вечерний Джэм 23 dager siden
I dont understand not one word, but it cool
Isaac Richardson
Isaac Richardson 23 dager siden
Not upset..this sloution is not developed yet .. still. There is a common sense .. most pc level 3a game require a individual graphic card ..
hair ꤶ
hair ꤶ 23 dager siden
My 256mb gpu has more size
Rob 16 dager siden
Integrated GPUs use RAM for video memory which means this thing has 16GB of available VRAM
snacky 1253
snacky 1253 22 dager siden
Nice but can you take it in the car and play it in the back seat
Video Nomad
Video Nomad 23 dager siden
Was here
cj wars
cj wars 23 dager siden
war thunder takes years and rng hell paid vs free dead games at night its his worst pick for a sponsor
The Sepy
The Sepy 23 dager siden
How's the thermals i mean apu temperature on this console
Kri 23 dager siden
I'm always asking myself "who would want to buy this?" when watching these "handheld pc" videos.
ChaosDraguss 22 dager siden
Anyone who wants a portable gaming platform that can play their steam library, I would assume. The switch has a pretty nice library, but it's still positively tiny compared to all the games on my pc.
Jason Blankenship
Jason Blankenship 23 dager siden
Man nintendo waiting to long to serv e there switch pro to the table people are hungry there going to be full by the time nintendo brings out there dish lol.
Adaer Melgar
Adaer Melgar 23 dager siden
the Sponsorship transitions.. A1 as always lol
Raghav Ahuja
Raghav Ahuja 23 dager siden
bhai meri pendrrive mein daal de pls
Ronny Lavender
Ronny Lavender 23 dager siden
Yeah but the price is just a nono
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