Goodbye Discord!! - WAN Show March 26, 2021

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27 dager siden

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Timestamps (Courtesy of BlackWings)
0:11 Intro - discord acquisition, intel tick tok, semi conducter shortage at crisis point, acer was hit with a 50 million dollar ransom
0:55 WAN Show intro
1:22 show brought to you by notion, corsair, cloud linux
1:30 Microsoft in talks to buy discord 10 BILLION USD
5:00 Tangent into Linus and luke playing "escape from tarkov"
24:39 Intel returning to tik tok production cycle, team blue to catch up ?
33:16 Sponsors (Corsair, Notion, Cloud Linux)
36:00 GPU MSRP disaster :(
37:43 Linus talks about LMG buying GPUs at scalper prices and selling for MSRP for an upcoming video
40:13 new partner for Verified Actual Gamer Programme [EVGA]
42:10 Linus talks about in-person event in which they verify games for the programme
43:25 Poll on whether they should user scalper GPUs or EVGA ones
44:20 Games in VAGP
45:09 Result of poll
51:00 Luke talks about the since fixed error message in VAGP checkout system that happened last tuesday
54:38 LTX pins on lttstore and sticker pack
56:55 Intel tech trivia (major tech youtubers crossover event)
1:00:54 Superchats
1:02:27 A little more on VAGP
1:04:45 Conclusion
1:04:52 Outro

Dan Sindoni
Dan Sindoni 2 dager siden
eggertime 2 dager siden
I've moved off discord and headed to guilded
CBAR 5 dager siden
wait discord has a store?
Dan Stun
Dan Stun 7 dager siden
I have mixed reserves over this. Discord is a mess and always has been. It's not exactly reliable. Many years ago when Teamspeak was widely used and Discord started gaining allot of popularity, it didn't run very well. Some people had good results with it, and others had horrible results where it would crash PC's and slow them down, or just cause all kinds of weird issues. Unfortunately more and more people begin using it where eventually if your involved into gaming, you basically had to switch. Yes, Discord offers many nice features. But on the same token it is resource intensive. Being resource intensive should have been a major concern for gamers, but I guess people were blinded by the pretty bells and whistles. I use to run a gaming server. So running Discord pretty much became a necessity. Thankfully by this time many bugs were ironed out, but it was still a resource hog and had many bugs still with it. So I used it for a number of years. However beginning last year when they did a major update and changed their audio system, I lost the ability to use voice with it. My hardware seems fine, but for some reason Discord does not work for me no more. And to this day, I still cannot get it working. I'm not the only one with this problem, but others reported the same issue. Yet Discord has not addressed it. Why? So yea, I don't know how I feel about Microsoft acquiring it. But as of now, its of little use to me.
MrBackHades 8 dager siden
Shouldn't buy the scalper cards. Best way to combat them is to wait until the manufacturers can make more and make them readily available so that they can't make anymore than RRP
StaySic4Ever 8 dager siden
Hopefully, it goes only for the better for Discord being how it can be supported financially better now. Really it's better MS than many other I could think of that would be worse.
BlueEternities 9 dager siden
To Microsoft, the data provided from monitoring all of that communication must be insanely profitable. The people at Discord right now have a soul. When Microsoft takes over, Discord will become yet another spyware app for those building AI's to help them sell people more crap they don't need and give up their time and energy on useless garbage. Not to mention finding ways to convince the public that the truth is just another kooky conspiracy theory.
Elite Gaming
Elite Gaming 10 dager siden
they got minecraft now they want fucking discord
shellcool0wns 10 dager siden
so it's finally been decided in my head it's: "same bad time, same bad channel" not same bat time same bat channel... (1:04:45) Also i don't think I'll be trying to win one of these as it's Canadian stock, importing to UK sounds expensive, but good luck to my Canadian brothers and sisters
First Name
First Name 12 dager siden
Okay, gonna buy a plane ticket and head out there to get my MSRP video card to save some money. Wait....
please leave
please leave 12 dager siden
What... I love discord.
David Imrie
David Imrie 13 dager siden
Dedicated watcher with a day job. Never watch live due to time difference. Bit gutted
ADRENELINEDUDE 13 dager siden
I want Discord to be owned by Microsoft, and I want Discord on Xbox.
Harry Le Sueur
Harry Le Sueur 13 dager siden
How about strategy games like civ, or total war, or paradox games?
Videaprojaekt 13 dager siden
I would love to beat Linus in Pistol Whip :D High Priestess Place 202 (few weeks ago)
Blu 13 dager siden
Bad Deal, I got discord for free on my iPad and my PC
Rory S
Rory S 13 dager siden
People don't want anyone supporting scalpers, because that exacerbates the problem. If no one bought scalped cards there wouldn't be a market for the absurd markup, so that's why I and many other wouldn't want you spending your money on them. I appreciate your intent and wanting to help people, but it's the principle and I don't want even a cent more in the pockets of scalpers.
Mana Hime
Mana Hime 14 dager siden
I mean, I use nitro classic for my icons everywhere. And I feel like a lot of people do that too. Maybe I'm wrong?
Dave Waddington
Dave Waddington 14 dager siden
we are in the timeline where some good time traveller came back, used microsoft to try prevent the social media uprising, and got repeatedly zucked by the berg
Josh Mollica
Josh Mollica 14 dager siden
Bruh your eyebrows too aggressive
mks 14 dager siden
Throwing my hat in the ring on NOT GIVING MONEY TO SCALPERS
Joel Gratton
Joel Gratton 14 dager siden
basic discord nitro is not much money and i use it
Frosty. 15 dager siden
dont buy from scalpers.. it'll just incentivize scalping >
MelodyZE 15 dager siden
Linus, help me replace my 970? xD one of its fans already died too lol id be ULTRA happy with a 1070 or 1060 6gb
Wigadama 15 dager siden
ᶜᵃⁿ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ?
FarmYard Gaming
FarmYard Gaming 13 dager siden
ichi 15 dager siden
I have everything except for a graphics card
EightSix 15 dager siden
IRC was where it was at!!!
priceandpride 15 dager siden
Tons of people in large rooms use nitro
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 15 dager siden
Yeah don't give the scalpers money. They don't deserve it
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 15 dager siden
@14:51 Discord's file size limit of a measly 5 MB is PATHETIC. Constantly can't even send basic photos let alone videos
Ferinzz 16 dager siden
We use slack for internal communication and teams for scheduling calls with others. For short term stuff I can see the interest in teams, but ugh, I would not get that setup for long term things. The ui isn't good enough and not having any alerts when people join is super troublesome. I doubt that Discord would survive Microsoft's purchase as well :D RIP MSN... +like for the verified gamer cards.
mattig89ch 16 dager siden
Where can someone find out more info about this verified gamers program? I want to start building a new gaming desktop, but I cant find a place to buy a card...
Bina Mertens
Bina Mertens 17 dager siden
haha dumbases i downlaoded discord for free
Roland Hazoto
Roland Hazoto 17 dager siden
I'm mad late to this, but as for easy to use alternatives to Discord, there's Steam Groups. They are WAY more robust ever since the Chat overhaul a couple years back and Discord offers very very few features that Steam groups doesn't. And since most PC gamers are already using Steam, even as just a launcher, if not actually playing a Steam title (I use it to launch everything becauase the controller support is unbeatable) it's SUPER easy to shoot someone a link and have them join your chat group (not to mention the event calendar, discussion boards, and announcements that being a full group member offers) I've been running 3 groups ever since the chat overhaul and would recommend it over Discord any day. (Discord also used to be terrible about protecting credentials and why they started pushing 2FA so hard) And afaik, Valve's fairly transparent about what they do with your data since they are constantly under the scrutiny of so many government agencies.
Michael Schalk
Michael Schalk 17 dager siden
Don’t buy from scalpers, would rather have no cards then support scalpers.
JockeTF 17 dager siden
Don't buy from scalpers!!
other tomperson
other tomperson 17 dager siden
There's a lot to criticise with Intel, but I think going from 4 cores to 10 cores and keeping TDP and temperatures manageable on only refreshes of a given architecture and with only "tweaks" to the manufacturing process is really impressive. Of course it was never going to be enough to maintain the lead with AMD, especially after they were able to ditch GlobalFoundries, but the fact that they are still so close is something.
420inPortland 17 dager siden
I like the sentiment of using the profit to give more people cards, since supply is the issue maybe use those profits for giveaways of gear that isn't in such hot demand but would be things we poorer gamers may not splurge on. Keep up the good work. :) (Edit: or maybe a nice bonus for the hard workin' folks who staffed the program.)
Thomas Myles
Thomas Myles 18 dager siden
0:45, yes Linus, as in, does it run Crysis.
R PARAKAS 18 dager siden
hello, my name is Raphael, I have been following your channel for a while and I would like to know if you have the support of your followers to donate a galaxy note 20 ultra to me ... I would like to work with editions and recordings with a new electronics channel and I don’t have the money to start and I like to buy this phone for the recordings and it’s a consumer dream for me and it’s very expensive here in Brazil ... if you can help seeing that this product is cheaper in the your country and the number of followers I am very grateful !!!
PhantomPhalcon 18 dager siden
How a Canadian insults you. "wow you get em, your the best!"
rio197 18 dager siden
MS Lync was its name. Lynx is a web browser developed in the '90s and still maintained today.
Matt P
Matt P 18 dager siden
MS aren't necessarily buying Discord to mess with it much, they may well keep Discord as it is. They are as likely buying it to leverage the tech for their Teams and/or Xbox services. They could also very well be buying it to keep it away from Sony/Apple/Google. At least I hope so.
Rami Emad
Rami Emad 18 dager siden
Can I beat you up in Kerbal Space Program?
z1mt0n1x 18 dager siden
Everything Microsoft lays their dirty hands on dies, goodbye to Discord, moving back to TeamSpeak until something else pops up as an alternative.
Brennholzverleih 18 dager siden
I just briefly read the description in search for timestamps: "Take control of your end-of-life" o.O
Stashu Stashu
Stashu Stashu 18 dager siden
The silicon shortage has affected my job and they told us we will not have any business the entire month of may.. I feel trapped 😓
Mikel Cote
Mikel Cote 18 dager siden
The tenuous birthday uniquely paddle because schedule analogically sign forenenst a purple number. puffy, uninterested target
Alivia Thomas
Alivia Thomas 18 dager siden
I’m late because I’m in the middle of a move, but I’m so excited to see the verified gamer news! I literally have my PC hardware sitting in their box until I can finally find a GPU. I’m a little sad about the in person event since I’m in the US so I wouldn’t qualify :(
Kyle 18 dager siden
I think the point of the majority of people (me included) about not getting the gpu's from the scalpers is that at least I don't want to see hard earned money go into scalpers hands when the cards sell for cheaper at msrp because it is people that want to make a quick buck on something that could be prevented if people wasn't so arrogant and money grabbing, but also it doesn't matter how much money you as a company make, you have built it from the ground up and what's the point in spending money over the price of what the actual price should be sold at. sorry it late to comment but I am catching up on what I have missed and this just got to me that you really care about the gaming community.
Nahid Chowdhury Sonik
Nahid Chowdhury Sonik 18 dager siden
Ahh my discord will die like Skype 😔
SubVersa 18 dager siden
Rig and steam account seem reasonable to me, GPU trade in would be great, even better would be to have an EU subsidiary of LMG 😂
NightHawkNH 18 dager siden
Buying from scalpers means they'll intentionally raise the price knowing it'll sell. It'll drive scalped prices higher
Corwin111 19 dager siden
Most miners that I know are actual gamers too. Gamers that have a disproportionate amount of free time to game and disposable income to buy stuff like VR setups, in comparison to non-miners. So yeah. Beat saber... great idea! lol
TheLuxenber 19 dager siden
About buying gpu from scalpers: personally i think You should not buy from scalpers couse it Will help scalpers making a profit. It Will only have a small impact but Even a small impact is something. Keep up the good work every one at ltt. More turbo nerd vids PLS 😄
madsmith 19 dager siden
Buying cards and selling them at MSRP creates an inelastic price tolerance that allows scalper prices to go up (if you do this at any significant scale).
CFS Fire
CFS Fire 19 dager siden
I really don’t want discord to be the next teams
El Perro Vacilon
El Perro Vacilon 19 dager siden
40:16 Honestly, thank you for doing this. Ever since my gpu died on December (gtx 1080, 4 years using it) its been hell trying to get a gpu at a good price. It’s been almost 4 months and it’s so draining to look for a card. I know that there are many people who ended up in a even worst situation than me and this will at least give us a chance to get something at the price it was intended. Thank you for doing something, even if the situation is out of everybody’s control, thank you for at least trying and making chances for real gamers. I really hope I can get a 3080 from evga, really looking forward to the drop.
Opocolypse Gaming
Opocolypse Gaming 19 dager siden
Luke do you own parakeets? LoL
jk w
jk w 19 dager siden
Can someone in game dev explain to me how Halo has managed to be the best "feeling" game controls of all time using a controller? What is it? Is it dead zone? Sensitivity? Variable sensitivity? Nothing else seems to feel so smooth and buttery.
John toetag
John toetag 19 dager siden
Micro$haft buys Discord... yeah, we've got a company to burn.
beanwithbacon 19 dager siden
Gen Y was all about AIM not MSN...
jk w
jk w 19 dager siden
To be fair... Teams could be about 234% better by just removing the "message seen" icon... for fuck sake (for fuck's sake?) no one at work wants this.
Lipi19821 19 dager siden
luke is looking like jack dorsey more and more...Hope he does something with that beard soon...coz jack dorsey is A@@ h@le
Lipi19821 19 dager siden cards from PC Store s in my country (Europe) copy-paste: SAPPHIRE NITRO+ AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT 16GB DDR6 (11308-01-20g) gaming grafična kartica Spletna cena: 1.921,19 € ( 2.259,18 United States Dollar) RX 580 GAMING 8GB GDDR5 grafična kartica Spletna cena: 764,41 € / 900$ evga 3080 is 3000€ 3500$
Yasen Angelov
Yasen Angelov 19 dager siden
I wonder how Linus knows how much Intel is behind when he talks about Intel's 10nm technology. He is just a user, not an engineer.
Skooma Gnark
Skooma Gnark 19 dager siden
discord not profitable? oof... all the data M$ could grab from that platform... OOF oO its pretty much priceless if you ask me :D
6yphon 19 dager siden
I use nitro and always have
seedz 19 dager siden
ahem, as I was in a big nullsec Eve Online corp before : we were and still use Discord for security reasons : it's linked to HA services, anti DDoS things, and SSO / SAML with EvE API verification for accounts :p
SyD6_7 19 dager siden
"sherpa-ing" is not a tarkov term.
Robert Frisch
Robert Frisch 19 dager siden
I just want a reference RX6800, and I only play WoW.
Clayton Smith
Clayton Smith 19 dager siden
Titan Fall Sniper contest
Jonathan Salamon
Jonathan Salamon 19 dager siden
Man, the way that the VAGP works gives me anxiety, I feel like just about any time Im not watching my phone for youtube notifications I'm missing out.
SpongeBoss 19 dager siden
Linus please tell me your hairdresser. I need that sweet cut of yours LUL
Jenny Chan
Jenny Chan 19 dager siden
what if im a 'gamer' but play cc-loaded sims4 only or something 😂😂 going to make a FOOL of myself at the in person event
Shaun Young
Shaun Young 19 dager siden
Linus buying some hardware from scalpers isn't going to affect anything, he isn't going to buy enough to affect anything. However, I do think a prominent county member buying them from scalpers like that sends a bad message. It would be easy to interpret that as saying scalping fine, so long as you have money.
Chillster 19 dager siden
I'm not perfect at beatsaber, so likely couldn't beat you - but I'd love a chance to try ;)
Travis Matte
Travis Matte 19 dager siden
Hey Linus, Start making a !@#$ing effort to not look like a hobo! I get it, you own the company, you can do whatever you want but seriously dude PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER! You are an on air personality and for all the money and time you put into your production, I cannot believe that you would $#!+ all over it by presenting yourself they way you have for the last few months.
radnukespeoplesminds 19 dager siden
I guess its about time i moved from discord to matrix
Nexist__Fade 20 dager siden
bro we like discord the way it is why does everything have to be profitable, leave it the way it is like no one wants microsoft to buy it noooooo onnnnneeeeeeee
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 20 dager siden
What is that idea from chat that you actually adore, Luke?
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 20 dager siden
"Do you even want to tell people when they're coming?" "No." ... "Yeah, I mean... sorry!" Haha... But telling them on the videos IS still telling us when those are coming, anyway--just really short notice. (That's not a complaint; just a statement of truth.)
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 20 dager siden
If you "didn't have" the Super Chats, then how did you just read off those last few that you read off?
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 20 dager siden
Why is it "Goodbye[,] Discord" just because it was bought out, even though it will still be called Discord and you're still using it?
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 20 dager siden
"And then... could then..."? Oops.
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 20 dager siden
Ha! The main guy from SnazzyLabs (I forget his name) is from right here in my state, Utah!
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 20 dager siden
"Back-end baseball," LOL!
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 20 dager siden
No, don't reward scalpers for their "evil doings" (or actual evil doings), because then they'll just want to keep doing it! That's what I think is the message most of of the poll people want to send.
Hello Kitty Lover Man!
Hello Kitty Lover Man! 20 dager siden
How will you verify actual gamers after the in-person event, and how will you not lose financially (even eventually with some sort of indirect gain-back) by donating the partial cost from the scalping to gamers by selling the cards at that lower cost?
BigHairyFenian 20 dager siden
Point about solo in Tarkov, it can actually be easier to learn the game than teaming, in squads you're always second guessing yourself, always wondering if those footsteps are a friend or foe, always the "is that you?" moment. In solo you're free of all that, everyone is a target and you don't have the false sense of security of having other people around you, you will play more cautious, people develop bad habits when they only team. I recommend learning exits and scav spawns in offline and just jumping in yourself, teaming is usually bad for new players because they become dependent.
Stonersbliss 20 dager siden
Using discord while on my Xbox would be really nice because I have to use Skype calls with friends on different platforms to communicate.
EmptyCarts 20 dager siden
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Hans Wurst
Hans Wurst 20 dager siden
Fuck yes finally a excuse to stop using discord
Alex Kramer
Alex Kramer 20 dager siden
I’d rather not have one, than have you fund a scalper to get one for me. As doing that will just promote scalping
EmptyCarts 20 dager siden
The satisfying mall semiannually kiss because crayon simultaneously suffer without a alive pendulum. brave, noisy cellar
MaskinistN 20 dager siden
In person event? Only for Canadians :(
deep hazarika
deep hazarika 20 dager siden
i never used icq, i used google talk back then
deep hazarika
deep hazarika 20 dager siden
but slack doesn't have screen recording for meetings but teams has.
Phil Sheppard
Phil Sheppard 20 dager siden
That unnamed face Who was it then ?
Phil Sheppard
Phil Sheppard 20 dager siden
Is this a Tax loss thing ?is this why you are squandering money recently ?
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