The Jankiest EXTREME Gaming Setup - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

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Linus Tech Tips

18 dager siden

Thanks again to Intel for continuing to sponsor this series! Buy Intel Core i3-10100 CPU (PAID LINK):
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David went above and beyond for this one, that's for sure.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

DrDumbAss 13 minutter siden
AR Doughty
AR Doughty Time siden
16:09 Luke is always watching.
Yonas Andersen
Yonas Andersen 2 timer siden
The mans laugh is noice
Tannith Strugnell
Tannith Strugnell 2 timer siden
I use books under my desk to level it up! I feel vindicated
MEMERS OFFICIAL 4 timer siden
Imagine if he went for Amd and dumped intel
Daevonn 5 timer siden
i love this guy's laugh
Glixtched 5 timer siden
Can I have the old stuff
SkillXtreme 8 timer siden
Core i3-10100k - Linus 2021
Chris M
Chris M 10 timer siden
Side note for a house fire: Take pictures (or a video) of the interior of your house. Insurance won't pay for the shit inside unless there's proof you had it.
Haytham Fadhil
Haytham Fadhil 12 timer siden
David testing Persona 5 Strikers at the end of the video Epic respect
Milojko Kitic
Milojko Kitic 13 timer siden
Dont use heatgun on that ps3, replace NEC TOKIN caps, they are the real issue of old ps3s dying
Danner Myers
Danner Myers 13 timer siden
How does linus look younger with a beard???
Potatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATO
Potatopotatopotatopotatopotatopotato POTATOPOTATO 19 timer siden
This extreme tech upgrade is such a good fucking series
Cameron Rouse
Cameron Rouse 21 time siden
Okay David is immediately my favourite crew member xD he streams, he's actually good at games, he plays R6, his wife is hot, he has dogs, he has impeccable madlad taste in decor and hardware and he recklessly spends money. All that and he has a good time and makes witty banter. Good on you dude!
Italian mafia Boss
Italian mafia Boss 23 timer siden
I don't understand anything
67tyu Dag siden
new intro
Husky Busky
Husky Busky Dag siden
LTT is the only company where the CEO paints his employe's walls.
Ben Dag siden
His laugh sounds like a soundtrack
Miles bailey
Miles bailey Dag siden
That is a kickass intro
Zqios J Magnacarta
Zqios J Magnacarta Dag siden
hell men u got crew with different...personal..:) really enjoy all of it
EM1 Dag siden
Its like watching Hiccup start a youtube channel (From How to train your dragon)
Mr.dl Daniel
Mr.dl Daniel Dag siden
12:26 Linus: Hey David! I think I’ve got enough hair to make another dog!
Luis Erasmo Miranda Bojorquez
Luis Erasmo Miranda Bojorquez Dag siden
So.. no link to buy the Trend Net 2.5Gbe Switch..
Luis Erasmo Miranda Bojorquez
Luis Erasmo Miranda Bojorquez Dag siden
3:37 What model is that Yamaha Amplifier?
Rhys Lukey
Rhys Lukey Dag siden
david needs to buy white shirts
Twistedbody 1
Twistedbody 1 Dag siden
I saw the camera guy wave so I wave back
The Irish Legend
The Irish Legend Dag siden
Linus : 100mbps is shit me who lives in Irish countryside : 0.17mbps take it or leave it
WxYvrn Dag siden
0:21 YES R6S
Samieboy Dag siden
You just want to make me and other people jalous!!!
ZMacZ Furreh
ZMacZ Furreh Dag siden
19:13 HOTGLUE !!, Just kidding, I attach my harddrives with just one screw or two one sided, anywhere the screws will fit. It's jank, but works for me.
ZMacZ Furreh
ZMacZ Furreh Dag siden
Beware of walls that drill easily, the mount may actuall rip out of the wall, when you attach and extend the arm of the mount. Poor construction walls will not allow high leverage upon it.
ZMacZ Furreh
ZMacZ Furreh Dag siden
12:26 My aging game rig, has like 10 pounds of wool in front of it. Still works though. Glad to not have sent in a picture for the ROAST series. I think I would have been nuked, MLRS style.
yeeetheolosp Dag siden
2:50 hentai
Emil Ratinen
Emil Ratinen 2 dager siden
Thats cool
Máté Vajda
Máté Vajda 2 dager siden
replace the NEC/TOKIN capacitors in that ps3, heatgunning it just heats up the capacitors and that makes them work for a while, the cpu and gpu actually have nothing wrong with them.
Braxton Smart
Braxton Smart 2 dager siden
This entire energy of “f**k you and f**k me too” was perfection by definition
Emil Ratinen
Emil Ratinen 2 dager siden
Why did u copy urself?
Braxton Smart
Braxton Smart 2 dager siden
This entire energy of “f**k you and f**k me too” was perfection by definition
Emil Ratinen
Emil Ratinen 2 dager siden
Akshay Chitre
Akshay Chitre 2 dager siden
Petition for Linus to build a computer in the R2D2 👇
Iron Hills
Iron Hills 2 dager siden
Build that R2D2 PC and call it R2CPU Thank me later
samir jan faqiri
samir jan faqiri 2 dager siden
Do you think the next rog extreme upgrade would have a 11th generation intel cpu?
Jersey 21
Jersey 21 2 dager siden
AN I3 I’m sorry
pickalots 2 dager siden
Y’all are just too much. You look at his jankiness like I look at yours.
ExpandedCuber Codes
ExpandedCuber Codes 2 dager siden
Is everyone seriously gonna ignore how sweaty his armpits were
TPD 2 dager siden
David is like me messing around while my dad is struggling.
Sting 2 dager siden
These videos make me wanna buy a pre-built
Oliver Hunt
Oliver Hunt 2 dager siden
Use a website that u jus choose the parts and they build it for you
dario D
dario D 2 dager siden
Bluetooth is radio actually.... But i get what you meant.
Wombat 3 dager siden
Big fan of that laugh!
Marcos RGZ
Marcos RGZ 3 dager siden
25:17 persona 4 :OOOOOOOOOo
Mep Man
Mep Man 3 dager siden
mmmmmmm sweaty pits
The5thbandit Yep
The5thbandit Yep 3 dager siden
when he said it's not bluetooth, it's radio I died
Rahul Saravanan
Rahul Saravanan 3 dager siden
"hey David, I think we now hav enough hair to make another dog" 😂
MetsuNoShin 3 dager siden
This is the best upgrade yet, loved it
Shanuk Hewavithana
Shanuk Hewavithana 3 dager siden
"I have a wall now" - David 2021
TheTower 3 dager siden
Thumbnail game me cancer
TheNextBigThing 3 dager siden
Something is missing here: shoulder massager and neon wall lights😂 seriously I love those
Keshav Gupta
Keshav Gupta 3 dager siden
David's laugh though 🤣🤣
Yash Juthani
Yash Juthani 3 dager siden
this is definitely my favourite series man.. just seeing linus disappointed and judging his people ... amazing
tD Exiled
tD Exiled 3 dager siden
Linus: Hey David David: Yasss ?
Sora Clapzz
Sora Clapzz 3 dager siden
Damn I wish I worked for you 🤣🤣
linkKz _
linkKz _ 3 dager siden
david: has 5k from intel gets i3
Cheater-_-Day YT
Cheater-_-Day YT 3 dager siden
I wish I could get a chance for this
Music Easel Cat
Music Easel Cat 3 dager siden
Most out of touch tech ytbr
atlys 3 dager siden
The way he skittered off @ 7:19 🤣🤣
Rackzo 3 dager siden
Manz got those armpit stains
Baby Ya dig
Baby Ya dig 3 dager siden
Give me ONE chance with 5k
HR Productions
HR Productions 3 dager siden
“You’ve got enough hair to make another dog”💀
artlessknave 3 dager siden
seen there will be more streamers than people to watch streams....
KiaStingz 3 dager siden
I am a bit of a tech person but watching his videos i dont understand a word anyone says. 😂
James Sevenster
James Sevenster 3 dager siden
This is one confusing but yet coolest video
deluxeddelirium 3 dager siden
David laughs like Tigger
jordan santos
jordan santos 3 dager siden
if you think his setup is bad, you should see mine
Desanae Jove
Desanae Jove 3 dager siden
That scene at the beginning 💀💀💀
Pickle FPV
Pickle FPV 3 dager siden
“It’s a good starter mic to see if I like streaming” he says as he has a $2000 webcam
If you were watching the video you'd know that camera isn't intended for streaming. It was modified to make it work. It was originally purchased for another purpose
Vivaan Salomé
Vivaan Salomé 2 dager siden
chris pulcher
chris pulcher 3 dager siden
Hey linus wanna see my 750ti setup? Lool
DJ VINCYS 3 dager siden
inb4 the tv mount falls off
allTkindaTstuff 3 dager siden
Not a fan of David
savith bhargav
savith bhargav 3 dager siden
Loved this video, one of the best upgrades, and a man after my own heart awesome.
Grass Turtle
Grass Turtle 3 dager siden
Can I have one
NIMO MOHAMED 3 dager siden
Everyone will just ingor that he has a 5k Puget and didn't even spent a single 5$ on cable manegment ?
Sami from Miami
Sami from Miami 3 dager siden
Man these videos make me jealous. I don't even have a PC
ZerO Pepzzi
ZerO Pepzzi 4 dager siden
what’s his twitch
Mateusz Smialek
Mateusz Smialek 4 dager siden
where can i get them desk legs?
Dennis Walker
Dennis Walker 4 dager siden
Can I get a makeover pls
Never gonna give you up
Never gonna give you up 4 dager siden
His laugh is like one of those people that makes us laugh by their laugh like ksi
itzmeCyber 4 dager siden
his laugh thooo🤣👌
Drew Helm
Drew Helm 4 dager siden
ha ha he said nuts
Jiaxi hao
Jiaxi hao 4 dager siden
The dog hair joke..... XDS
Akash Chauhan
Akash Chauhan 4 dager siden
Any updates on PS3
koumou doukas
koumou doukas 4 dager siden
this costs more than my jealous xd
MrRobot 4 dager siden
I'd never ask for this guys help. He likes to belittle people that knows less. He is far from being funny
lyndsey church
lyndsey church 4 dager siden
Does he have a wife
Meneki Neko
Meneki Neko 4 dager siden
May I have a $5000.00 make over... doesnt hurt to ask right.. i'll set up a tik tok and set my 5600x on fire and go intel with the setup.. lol
Keeys 4 dager siden
they should not be wearing grey shirts here
Seasons Sekos
Seasons Sekos 4 dager siden
Sebastian Garcia
Sebastian Garcia 5 dager siden
bonkers hahaha thats a word i havent heard in a long time
Aaron 5 dager siden
Nerds and power tools... happy I am some form of hybrid
oakley lmaoPvp
oakley lmaoPvp 5 dager siden
22:56 Lol
Aaron 5 dager siden
He was genuinely hyped made it so much better.
Tejas J Shetty
Tejas J Shetty 5 dager siden
(0:35) That's so beautiful
CT Spaghet
CT Spaghet 5 dager siden
Why does David sound like the Hyenas from the Lion King lmao
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