Roasting Your WORST Setups

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19 dager siden

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You guys asked for it, and today we deliver. We're roasting the best and worst of your setups from Twitter.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

Keanu Threeves
Keanu Threeves Time siden
Cries in laptop
TheHabibiFares 2 timer siden
I’m going to build my computer and I’m 12 and suggestions or help?
Jerry 4 timer siden
look him in the eyes xDD
Alvin Ben George
Alvin Ben George 5 timer siden
When they talked about the Iphone on the table, I was thinking to myself, "people gave up their kidney(s) to buy that stuff"
Kingston Caz Dominguez
Kingston Caz Dominguez 10 timer siden
7:52 It actually a Hampton Bay lamp that costs 50$. I know because that’s my exact lamp
Rlxardo 11 timer siden
5:32 funniest part
NaughtyBear 12 timer siden
yo ur mama roasts you bcs her son is gay and wears earrings...
Grubhub dad
Grubhub dad 16 timer siden
Dejon eltahan
Dejon eltahan 18 timer siden
Clapzinater 18 timer siden
Not being mine but u roasting us so u know whats more fire your hairline
evanthebot_ 19 timer siden
Robert king
Robert king 21 time siden
once i got an old high end pc from my sisters dad with a p4 forgot what gpu it had it was 256mb but i overclocked the crud out of it too play dead island lol i took a window fan removed the side panel and taped it too the side and it worked well.
Alexander Lou
Alexander Lou 21 time siden
Hey Linus! Notice you said "Reach out and we'll find something". Clearly, I'm not either of those two people who were missing GPUs, but I also built my first PC during quarantine and was expecting to grab a 30 series card until the whole shortage. So....if you want to help a guy out (or if I can buy one off you?) - I'd love you more than I already do :D
AdityaKrishna Malhotra
AdityaKrishna Malhotra 22 timer siden
Do 826368282629283739299294838 more of these
Prinz Lycoris
Prinz Lycoris 22 timer siden
Would love to see a part two of this, i'm enjoying it :D
Abdulla,13 23 timer siden
Atleast they have PCs .
Κωνσταντίνος Καπελλάκης
Κωνσταντίνος Καπελλάκης Dag siden
hey man if u have the ability to ship an actually good gpu that doesnt cost as much as a car to me i would probably buy it, so dont jus recommend the no gpu people to reach out, there are more of us here that cant buy those things
MarioTetris 998
MarioTetris 998 Dag siden
0:55 He be sounding like Kermit the Frog
Willy Dag siden
It took Jake 3 years to grow a full enough mustache to look like he just started growing a mustache...
FOC Dag siden
13:23 XD
Dom27 Dag siden
Well... i would say if i took these in comparisson.... ouch it would hurt if i would send mine to them xD
Games Of Herman
Games Of Herman Dag siden
You are roastimg other setup Linus have you seen yours?
ArcAndy Dag siden
a smashed phone: its a dual monitor
Matthias Carroll
Matthias Carroll Dag siden
The knife at 15:56 is a plastic stiletto comb btw.
Aayush Thorave
Aayush Thorave Dag siden
3:10 Well come to India @linus
Jwubbz Dag siden
Was expecting Stefan Ettiene to send a pic of his build in
OmbTim VR - RecRoom
OmbTim VR - RecRoom Dag siden
3:45 you do realize you can move the VR headset right?
NightWolfx03 Dag siden
You guys need to see my setup XD
b anzai
b anzai Dag siden
This should definitely be a series
Mystic Seqix
Mystic Seqix Dag siden
Hmm... This Guy Is A Ripoff Back To TechSource
Nikolei Graham
Nikolei Graham Dag siden
Every time they showed their names in the bottom right corner, I thought an ad was about to pop up.
Sage Shisui
Sage Shisui Dag siden
Ha I don’t even have one
xxfailninja Dag siden
bro i have a GTX 970
2nd Snake
2nd Snake Dag siden
4:23 I have that exact same N64 game...
YourAverage Brownie
YourAverage Brownie Dag siden
Well at least they can find a pc in stock
Monkeboy121 Dag siden
me who sits at a school desk with a pillow as a setup. lmao i feel like some of the people here
Logan Dag siden
xmixaplix Dag siden
I like how some have good cable management inside the cases but I'm curious how the other side of the case look like behind that panel 😈
dammit2hell Dag siden
15:00 Linus missed the box of Kleenex.
ZMacZ Furreh
ZMacZ Furreh Dag siden
10:32 Get rid of the children ? Nice priorities. -roastback.
ZMacZ Furreh
ZMacZ Furreh Dag siden
We need Linus to have kids so future generations may have their own Linusi helping out people with PC problems and lso making videos.
jamil and jaidyns gaming channel
jamil and jaidyns gaming channel 2 dager siden
I got ryzen 5 4650 coming until the GPU become affordable to buy.
Harsh Vardhan Singh Jodhta
Harsh Vardhan Singh Jodhta 2 dager siden
who needs a giveaway
Harsh Vardhan Singh Jodhta
Harsh Vardhan Singh Jodhta 2 dager siden
man we are poooor
DefiantGG 2 dager siden
I need to say something, I fucking love that Linus can appreciate not only balls to the wall gaming setups, like that guy i cant remember who reviews gaming setups. Im not trying to start an argument, I do not care about that other guy, but its just great to see a person who can ACTUALLY accept good enough even though they dont need to.
Ryan Forecast
Ryan Forecast 2 dager siden
Does America just not have the £10 tables from IKEA? xD
Robloxsuchti 2 dager siden
JOKER • 40 years ago • Updated
JOKER • 40 years ago • Updated 2 dager siden
My PC setup: a empty floor (Because I can't afford it I'll be 50 by the time I even think about it)
Hafidh Halim
Hafidh Halim 2 dager siden
Atleast they have a decent setup unlike my laptop on bed and mouse beside it
YEP Pepega
YEP Pepega 2 dager siden
This video was a lot about *BEEP*
MiMi Gamez
MiMi Gamez 2 dager siden
U should do it with tech source I wanna see u guys roast it :>
q u a c c
q u a c c 2 dager siden
_I'll need to _*_absolutely_*_ make sure I don't lose my VR controllers._
Jigen Edits
Jigen Edits 2 dager siden
They be roasting them setups while their PC performs 10x than mine .-.
ReIlability _
ReIlability _ 2 dager siden
My setup is a iPad 8 with a keyboard and trackpad a iPad 7 and Samsung s9
TheProGamer128 2 dager siden
Is this the real linus?
Cray J 22
Cray J 22 2 dager siden
this guys awesome
Texas Tex
Texas Tex 2 dager siden
i can't LOL 10:42 had me dying laughing
Zaya Destiny
Zaya Destiny 2 dager siden
Bro just dowsed the screen 4:02
Nathan warsaw
Nathan warsaw 2 dager siden
8:42 achievement hunter poster
The_Maker18 2 dager siden
Props to the guy who got. Herman desk for 25 bucks
DeletedDemond 2 dager siden
Can you let me barrow a pc for like the rest of my life it would be nice thank you
Glip Klopsyiop
Glip Klopsyiop 2 dager siden
Indian setups
Ruben Berry
Ruben Berry 2 dager siden
part 2
Derek Wong
Derek Wong 2 dager siden
If Linus is ever doing this series again, I am sure entering my setup as the worst setup.
Tyler Harrypersad
Tyler Harrypersad 2 dager siden
Copied @TechSource
Elián Morales
Elián Morales 2 dager siden
70 bucks for a pillow? 😣😣
EmiePlayz 2 dager siden
At 14:16 Linus says “ohh he even has the Mac mini” Me: It’s an apple time capsule Also Linus if you read this I love your work and have been watching for 3 years I think doing a video on the Apple time capsule could be entertaining as it was discontinued in 2018 and production stopped in like 2014.
NagizaH8 2 dager siden
Finn died inside watching this
Ryan2007PL 2 dager siden
Hmm anomaly made this video too
michael mamistvalov
michael mamistvalov 2 dager siden
if you saw mine , omg
k techs malayalam
k techs malayalam 2 dager siden
Can you guys react to kaztro's gaming setup ? You will be amazed🤯🤯🤯
Kevin Carlos
Kevin Carlos 3 dager siden
5:02 LOL. I have a 1 liter lotion dispenser on my desk because my hands get super dry from all the washing thanks to covid. When friends or family come visit they always stare at it. One time I had a balled up paper towel (keep some around in case I spill water or something) on my desktop and my little brother gave me a nasty look.
RyUdEr 3 dager siden
"value ram can be a value" me: huh
ALINAQI 3 dager siden
me i dont have setup just laptop
Yogurtsnipe 05
Yogurtsnipe 05 3 dager siden
My gaming setup: Nintendo DS
Stephanie Newell
Stephanie Newell 3 dager siden
this would make a great series
Victor 3 dager siden
I almost died laughing
Sanchit Dude
Sanchit Dude 3 dager siden
3:06 these types of computer only exists in India
Nicolay Grøndahl
Nicolay Grøndahl 3 dager siden
Yo so i havent even taken off the plastic or that thing on the glass on my pc yet and i have had my pc for 2 years now lol i think oh exstra armor lol 😂
Landonator_08 3 dager siden
Anyone Gaming Setup A L a p t o p
dario D
dario D 3 dager siden
11:26 thank you for the reminder!
PANTHER OP 3 dager siden
U need to see kaztro gaming ( a Indian pubg streamer) setup u will be liked oooooo
Will Stoller
Will Stoller 3 dager siden
Madison: Is social media coordinator at large Canadian Tech Media Corporation Also Madison: Has goblin-tier setup for her custom pc built at said corporation
Zwodo 3 dager siden
This was quite a ride 🤣 gold comedy and I picked up a couple things on the way as well 11:56 the enhance was crazy though damn 😯 people hiding their webcams from the FBI? hide your damn pictures from Linus!
Emīls. es
Emīls. es 3 dager siden
How to submit the setup?
Diego Acosta
Diego Acosta 3 dager siden
Is it possible to submit a ps4/tv/laptop setup? Or does that not count for crappy setup
Swifter 3 dager siden
that guy with the dual 1080s had 8 fans lmao, maybe a tad overkill
Random user #74652819
Random user #74652819 3 dager siden
4:42 Just has two chromebooks and a desktop with an outdated monitor all at the same workstation, like a normal person.
Kxng Killer Free Fire
Kxng Killer Free Fire 3 dager siden
Plz stop swearing
Gamer_Gavin369YT 3 dager siden
Just get rid of the children.
max 3 dager siden
me who got a potato pc: ok
Robert Applegate
Robert Applegate 3 dager siden
That was fun....I'm definitely NOT sending my photo....!
Shawn McCown
Shawn McCown 3 dager siden
You're taking on troll masters from Jayz channel. They know how to bring the cringe.
Shawn McCown
Shawn McCown 3 dager siden
@2:00 That looks a lot like a case design I'm drafting up. I got the inspiration from pc test benches. The biggest difference is I want to put plexiglass shields on custom made standoffs on each side since it's going to be for my two youngest daughters. A little extra protection in cases something splashes. This case in the video looks great and lets me know I'm on the right track for the look I'm after.
Kevin Mullen
Kevin Mullen 3 dager siden
Title: Roasting Your WORST Setups Me: my setup is worse then every setup on this video
Deriel_Games YT
Deriel_Games YT 3 dager siden
he says he got a fake GPU but sees the 3070 on there
yourgai 3 dager siden
ah yes a nice pillow for me to sit on. meh 80 dollars thats not to bad, [phone rings] oh its my bank thats strange hello sir it appears that you are in severe debt after purchasing a....... no an 80 dollar pillow have yo gone mad [sits in comfort] STONKS
ItzOwo 3 dager siden
If this is bad, you should see my brother's setup
Crysley Xavier
Crysley Xavier 3 dager siden
Linus made this type of content before?
toyon 3 dager siden
fucking died when he said "look them in the eye"
Kareem Qase
Kareem Qase 3 dager siden
Who else felt bad for the people that showed their pc setup and got roasted
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