Our Sponsor Went Bankrupt... - WAN Show March 12, 2021

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Linus Tech Tips

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Timestamps (Courtesy of BlackWings)
0:00 Intro, intel extreme tech upgrade
1:37 Broke sponsor
3:27 Stalling for time
4:37 New intro
5:42 Broke sponsor continuation
13:46 Clarification on Verified Actual Gamer Program
15:57 XBOX game pass exclusivity
30:39 Sponsor for WAN Show (Honey, BackBlaze, Freshbooks,)
33:55 Channel SuperFun job openings
34:19 Radeon overhead and performance variations
42:09 adata quietly swapping out XPGSX8200 SSD components to revise performance
45:53 OVH data center destroyed in a massive fire
52:04 Russia attempted to throttle twitter instead ended up throttling their entire internet
52:30 NFT discussion
56:33 GME stonks go brrr update
1:00:28 Is AMD joining the GPU mining craze more?
1:02:42 Superchats
1:03:08 No virtual LTX 2021
1:04:15 Major collab with tech youtubers, "Tech trivia answered in the form of a question"
1:12:34 WAN Show go bye bye

Chan Huang
Chan Huang Dag siden
Freedom dollars, I'm going to steal this!
功夫Yiga 3 dager siden
Your audio game for this podcast is so bad it’s frustrating...
blownlightbulb 6 dager siden
the vollume in this was so screwed up
Reno Zed
Reno Zed 9 dager siden
Uh la la
Digfoots Bick
Digfoots Bick 12 dager siden
linus needs his tendies
Rona Lisa
Rona Lisa 13 dager siden
Honestly shadow sounds like a fantastic solution to not being able to get a GPu
TheSpacecraftX 14 dager siden
I have never had Honey give me a code that actually works.
Frosty. 15 dager siden
why does he say "10 thousand 1 hundred"..? it's "10, 100"... be glad they aren't starting yet *another* naming scheme we have to learn
Clau GM CMG AND PC STUF !!! 15 dager siden
ea adata .. it si all softwer creted problems. atha biginig it was ok 1700 MB reed 1500 MB Written aftre instal os on it .. and for months ie 1500 MB reed max and 290 mb ... SO yea ... thanks microsoft really protected me frome this vaile intruzions !!! of ssd m.2 bios and drivers ... .... if this is possible at all on the planet it is possible ... ADN tha 4K H265 CODEC it wors onli with intel so caca i doe not exesti ... if it dos not havre suporu fo all platfors ... so 1080p gold gloris and no 4k vieos wit 200 fps and 5gb fore 1 minit REC .... BE ECO LOL . YEA MEA I HAVE IE THA 240 GB SX8200NP M.2 PCE GEN # ... worse than that,they ruined my writing speed ann all may drivs ssd or hdd all limited iligali @ 145 MB MAX ... IS SI HORIBIL ... and I think they can do it for anyone .... for this to them !!! I hope you die in torment ... whoever this sabotor r all .. and wherever it is ... to lose x10 billion time worse to them . and to make a system image and put it on something els ... if I succeed, I'll leave it alone and nevar com to adatat evar !!! dead for evar in ssd and m.2 . when I manage to save my OS 100 % ON ... FRO 360 $ . IF YOU NEED HIM, I CAN DEFINITELY SEND HIM .
James Laforme
James Laforme 15 dager siden
All I want is the Obsidian, which Microsoft also owns now, working on the next "real" Fallout game! It's something that honestly that would've never been possible before, but IMO it could definitely save the franchise if done right! Seriously though, Fallout is probably the only franchise that survive such a disastrous event like Fallout '76...I mean, if it can survive a nuclear fallout than I have no doubt it can survive a horrible, money-grabbing, studio destroying game! I just really, really, hope that '76 hasn't tainted MS perception and trust in the franchise...I mean, yeah it basically single-handedly caused Bethesda to crash but it was because they purposefully tried to turn into something it was never ever meant to be, and adamantly refused to admit that it was failure and continued to push it on to people despite everyone knowing it was nothing more than janky, unplayable excuse of a game that was only made to scam it's players of as much money as possible, all under the guise of a Fallout game.
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 16 dager siden
@1:08:00 Ngl, I have ZERO clue who iJustine is outside of her appearances on your channel lol
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 16 dager siden
What is an NFT....?
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 16 dager siden
@45:30 Luuuuuuuuuuuuke! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 16 dager siden
I'd love a Vita revisit
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 16 dager siden
Exclusives should be illegal. :/ I've never used Xbox and couldn't switch after my entire life of Playstation
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 16 dager siden
*cackles* the fact that Shadow Raid Legends is bankrupt makes me very gleefully happy. Get rekt, going into debt spending so much on advertising that it just made everyone hate them. They deserve it 😂
Robert Teal
Robert Teal 17 dager siden
I think it’s funny people are complaining about it being to loud...... I mean really do you not know how to turn down your volume?
Dee Willerd
Dee Willerd 21 dag siden
Ever drink pepsi
Dee Willerd
Dee Willerd 21 dag siden
Hulk man vs vulcan
OprahsKankles 21 dag siden
The embarrassed van preferentially chew because enquiry pivotally report throughout a laughable layer. mammoth, adventurous october
deth 21 dag siden
No social distancing or masks in the new intro?
Jack Ford
Jack Ford 22 dager siden
The magnificent alcohol weekly report because greece peroperatively report underneath a tame tooth. glistening glorious, expensive cap
Cutsom 22 dager siden
luke should drop the moustache
GearsNTools 23 dager siden
Linus kind of hints that the company might go public in this video. interesting.....
GearsNTools 23 dager siden
lol "not starters anything they purchase" Disney is ridiculously PC don't support them!
Cool Legends Gaming
Cool Legends Gaming 26 dager siden
New intro :)
Diablonar 26 dager siden
45:20 "It's not like your penis" *puts on ADATA mask* Now you nerds can keep comparing your TLC vs QLC and your peepee. By contrast, that SSD gets to be plugged in all day. (Not plugging ADATA, just thought the joke had to be extended)
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 25 dager siden
Thanks for your feedback. ___For more guidance W....h....a...t... S...a...p...p +.1.… 9....1....4....2....5....7....3....5...1....0_
Yukon Willeh
Yukon Willeh 26 dager siden
sell the face for the 50 grand you lost on the stock market :P
Nikolay Yakimov
Nikolay Yakimov 26 dager siden
> 1:01:48 why not let gamers mine at night "Don't mine at night" immediately starts playing in my head.
Honey 26 dager siden
We love helping people save money any way we can ‎️‍🧡 ‎️‍
sniper_pancakes 24 dager siden
Swarming1092 27 dager siden
My only concern with the notion that exclusives matter more around the launch of a console is that right now, Microsoft are selling every single box they can put on a store shelf anyway. Whether or not there's any exclusives, it will still sell out. That actually gives them an enormous amount of room to really take their time and make sure these exclusives are top quality for when supply and demand start to even out again.
uonadtehrrocks 27 dager siden
Toxic Snow Man
Toxic Snow Man 28 dager siden
Just because a company is filing bankruptcy does not mean it is shutting down, a lot of companies do it and get money from the government to keep going, plus they get tax breaks.
Tokkoa 28 dager siden
So sad, no GPU this year.
The Tinker
The Tinker 29 dager siden
We already have serval Xbox Handheld in the market tho, the new one is called Aya Neo and the TBA one is called Alienware UFO. Xbox has Virtual Machine, XPA, win32 and xCloud tho. Hyper-V & Virtual Machine is the foundation of robust BC/FC solution, Quick Resume and xCloud.
Steven Randall
Steven Randall Måned siden
I would agree that the driver news shouldn't influence testing on new GPUs, as you said you're looking for the best case scenario out of the GPU, CPU testing on the other hand there could be a case for. If it changes output by as much as 20% one could potentially get a lot more mileage out of an AMD graphics card for those long term scenarios you were talking about, and it could also change the conventional wisdom on what is actually a good pairing between certain mid range CPUs and high end GPUs...
Jus Ski
Jus Ski Måned siden
36:30 I have a Ryzen 5 with my 3090.... You lose Linus.... ya dolt!
ctjk1982 Måned siden
wait a water cooled NAS. now that's a video i want to see.
Deerhunter102 Måned siden
Dear Microsoft, Please fire the lying sack of crap named Todd Howard, thank you.
Dearthair aCath
Dearthair aCath Måned siden
You can go all the way back to the ATI days of AMD GPUs and still see crap drivers. As a Canadian, it's why I moved to Nvidia rather than support the Canadian company. I'm guessing I wasn't the only one.
smevox Måned siden
Blames Trump... Biden can fix it. Why hasn't he?
GxOOxGLE PlxUSsux Måned siden
New building owned by LMG
Triv F.M
Triv F.M Måned siden
really not helpful there Linus, these driver overhead issues impact mid range setups or reduce the value for money if you use a 5600x its better to use a 6800 rather than a 3070 as you get slightly or more better performance, saying that using best setups for for optimal gpu performance is really out of touch as your average viewer isn't a millionaire or a NOpost streamer, hence using best equipment to test a gpu; then the average Joe goes and pairs a gpu based on the results u presented with a midrange cpu and gets bottleneck shows a lack of common sense on your part.. Thanks and apologies if I offended anymore.
John Smith
John Smith Måned siden
Hey as a pc gamer I'm fine with the microsoft exclusives. Gamepass is a fucking fantastic deal.
Vablo Måned siden
Hey, Any plans for an EU warehouse? im fine with the higher prices and less/late merchandise i just hate the import process its not hard just annoying.
purity remedy
purity remedy Måned siden
The spotty james likely arrange because engine spindly pat absent a hurried piccolo. internal, psychotic cheek
Zaki Aoi
Zaki Aoi Måned siden
my super chat >_
LimPu Måned siden
Shadow went bankrupt to get rid of the debt. They are not debunk and wont be. It makes sense and is a calculated business risk. For the next few years, they will basiclly make no profit at all.
Stefan Jud
Stefan Jud Måned siden
I got (had) a server in the OVH Strassbourg datacenter as well. Their only support was, "activate your disaster recovery plan" - mine was having a snapshot of the server. Which was lost as together with the server as it was on-site and not geo redundant. Everything is lost, non recoverable. What a shame. 😑
LaduziTV Måned siden
part of the title should be "we dont wanna get sued." Tech trivia answered in the form of a question.. we don't wanna get sued.
TheRCvie Måned siden
Wait, Wii U was a separate console from the Wii?
Talking Kitty Cat Backup
Talking Kitty Cat Backup Måned siden
UberNugget Måned siden
Just say no to the Canadian handshake 😱
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson Måned siden
Right now I have $1,200 that I want to spend on a new GPU that’s reasonably priced. I’m praying I can get in fast enough and qualify for this gamer program. I’m in America tho.. if I’m not a gamer with 1,100 games on my Steam account I don’t know who is.
wondras Måned siden
The trivia contest should be Hollywood Squares using a Zoom call!
Pete Nielsen
Pete Nielsen Måned siden
Shadow filed for chapter 11 on my birthday. I guess it's a good thing I didn't want to start gaming using its service as my birthday present!
Stephen Barton
Stephen Barton Måned siden
I didn't know that about Canadians. I just assumed.
Robert Måned siden
Please don't shill for shadow. Just encourage people to buy an affordable gaming PC on a payment plan like a normal person. CyberpowerPC has some really great ones available from retailers that they don't even sell through their own website. I'm not sponsored by them, by the way. I wish I was, though.
Robert Måned siden
Why is your merch dank? You should really look into moisture control in your warehouse. DampRid is reusable if you leave it out in the sun.
Drew Jackson
Drew Jackson Måned siden
Is it dank as in moist and dirty, or dank as in skunky?
ike Måned siden
Wow, rip fallout & elder scrolls. I played these on PC and I have never owned a PC that was gamepass compatible. I either had these on disc or through steam or Beth's downloader. Def not going to spend hundreds to play with no mods and a controller with limited graphics options and no 5.1 audio
Olivia Måned siden
Whew, got the "best" combo for the ADATA drive.
Alex Fuhrman
Alex Fuhrman Måned siden
For the record I've been using a 1tb Adata sx8200 Pro for the last 5 months and have had no issues whatsoever. It's always lightning fast. never gets bogged down from large downloads or updates or anything like that. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one. However they should inform the public about changes to the memory controller. but honestly as long as it doesn't drastically effect performance, then i don't really care.
Counterpoint Crossplatformer
Counterpoint Crossplatformer Måned siden
I have a XPGSX8200 SSD can't attach photo's please give more info.
Chopstixx Måned siden
I'd buy a new ps vita
SmarkDepper Måned siden
The miniature is like Onizuka laughing
Mr. Vic
Mr. Vic Måned siden
I was wanting to actually pay for Shadow but I was get 9k ping so it was a no.
lharchmage Måned siden
-Linus completely ignores the fact that They listed all the mid level GPU's as well. Linus might want to watch Hardware unboxed 's video.
Jacob Crosby
Jacob Crosby Måned siden
Did he say "You know what...? A+ for effort!" NO! NO! *NEIN* *D- MINUS UND DER MINOOS* *DAS IST NICHT GUT MEIN SCHUSTER*
Jacob Crosby
Jacob Crosby Måned siden
What. The. Shit? This intro is a mess... Like... Legit 5 minutes of *MESS*... 🤣
Kevin Robert Paul McDonnell
Kevin Robert Paul McDonnell Måned siden
I bought mine from CCL online: Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 x4 NVMe Order placed 24 September 2019
Kinipshun Måned siden
31:30 linus says “butthole”
joe borner
joe borner Måned siden
You need to get Lee Parsons from Ditto Music on your podcast to discuss NFTs, they are doing some cool things with NFTs by allowing investors to fund artists by effectively buying 75% of the royalties up front before release and then making the money back over time - using the NFT as ownership. Artist gets paid early and doesn’t give up all ownership. NFTs and decentralised funding is a really cool use case.
Matt Blatchley
Matt Blatchley Måned siden
Chapter 11 is no biggie for the filing corp...at least not like CH. 7...if they owe you anything LTT be prepared to wait awhile for 10 cents on the dollar...
Pasta Masta
Pasta Masta Måned siden
The intro was loud? Idk repeat it one more time to make sure, I missed the first two lol.
Zach R
Zach R Måned siden
Linus finally looks like a hobo in the intro lol
Mika Måned siden
I feel like the "people don't run slow cpus with expensive gpus" argument isn't all that valid, I have a 4790k and upgraded to a 1070 ti, ideally I would like to get a next gen card in a few years and not having to upgrade my cpu would be a huge plus since I'd also have to change out my ram, motherboard and probably cpu cooler
brogeezie Måned siden
So basically I can buy a graphics card when the 40 series comes out.
Alex The Shining
Alex The Shining Måned siden
Mine didn't activate tho
James Ilko
James Ilko Måned siden
I’m curious what electrical price you would need in order to be profitable mining at night on various GPU. I know for me, the electrical cost is greater than what I would make mining. I sure if you had hash rates and power consumption numbers for a given card then you could easily calculate the total power usage for a month to calculate electrical cost.
Jamusomama Måned siden
As small as blizzard and wow seem to non players such as myself. Wow is still easily one of the largest gaming community.
Lt. NoTaco
Lt. NoTaco Måned siden
DesignVisStudios Måned siden
Ata5ll. Måned siden
GG at all the trollz still saying it was too loud.
Taylor Ishikuro
Taylor Ishikuro Måned siden
How does the whole verified gamer thing work?
Quinn Toppolis
Quinn Toppolis Måned siden
Only an idiot would have a 3090 with a 1600x, lol... I'm 3090 and 1700x. I should upgrade.
Jamie LeBreton
Jamie LeBreton Måned siden
Ohh. You should sell the image for 50k! That will help with wife happiness I bet.
Weta Måned siden
Musketeer Måned siden
Upgraded from a 1070ti to a 3080 and threw it in my system with 3600. Had to wait months n finally grabbed a 5800x to get all the frames now
David Forck
David Forck Måned siden
as a dba, having our primary data center literally explode would be a pretty good story to share
morbital Måned siden
So LMG is leaving Canada?
Matt Adams
Matt Adams Måned siden
well, we had 2 weeks of stream VODs on Floatplane... Now I'm back to NOpost for the VOD
Peter Schumacher
Peter Schumacher Måned siden
The Wii / Wii U still is the best family console. Like Nintendoland as an example... ok that might be the only game I really know on the Wii U, but like one console, 5 people was really cool. The switch works, but it’s back to only one screen unless there’s a second switch, and while it’s much “cleaner” and benefits from some much improved controllers, it just doesn’t execute as a console where the whole family can play at once - it feels targeted as more of a DS (I realize that there are games that are still family related, it’s just not emphasized in the same way)
Matthew Sigley
Matthew Sigley Måned siden
As a professional e-commerce developer, you dont have to handle tariffs at the time of purchase. If you file the customs form when you are shipping, the customer will pay the tariff in customs.
Wintyer Måned siden
honey buy data does not go back far enough to give a proper look at the market for past price
Wintyer Måned siden
plus the Wii was great at telling kids they were obese yes that was a thing
Wintyer Måned siden
looking forward to onlyplaying elderscrolls from only the windows store again
Wintyer Måned siden
no shadow in Canada always kinda sucked i don't see why Nvidia does not just buy them out and deploy their service like shadow and say F you to all those game companies and Gforce now could be a force to be reconded with
David Loria
David Loria Måned siden
Hold out until she starts withholding sex lol. Diamond hands
Andrew Måned siden
Any other audio only people here to see the new intro?
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