The Fastest Gaming PC is now AMD!

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With AMD's release of the 5000 series of CPUs, it was only a matter of time our cryo cooled Intel system would be dwarfed. But we WERE NOT expecting this system From Digital Storm to grace us. It is glorious.
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Yeet MC
Yeet MC 23 minutter siden
At 11:44 why is he sitting on a trash can lol did anyone notice this
Cleo Oliver
Cleo Oliver Time siden
Linus - " I weight 160 pounds." My 16 year old niece - " I weight that as well"
Kiran vc
Kiran vc Time siden
Playing this video on gt 710 2gb ddr3 💔
Jerry P.
Jerry P. 2 timer siden
I had the 2005 version of this. Built it just before there were operating systems for it. Think 939 ! I think will wait a little while and work on something besides x86 next.
Malicos 2 timer siden
I was on digital storm and I found that there was multiple different models to choose from before you can customize the parts, what model is yours
FourFame 2 timer siden
Dude ur all techy and stuff but when are u ever going to discover 60fps on video for NOpost
Google User
Google User 2 timer siden
This video should have been your biggest payday to date. 6 figures?
Thomas Corrigan
Thomas Corrigan 2 timer siden
At least he stopped touching his mic controls
Arno 3 timer siden
Hey, it’s like 1.3 M1s!
Jaimmv 3 timer siden
I watch things i could never afford...
xisco hernandez biibloni
xisco hernandez biibloni 3 timer siden
where can i bought his internet?
Jaysn VX
Jaysn VX 3 timer siden
wheres are the fortnite benchmarks
mynameisray 3 timer siden
Doom isn't a benchmark for anything.. christ..
mynameisray 3 timer siden
And 2.5 minutes is still too long for a download..
mynameisray 3 timer siden
Why does Linus always look like he's on a week long coke bender..
Lil Indian
Lil Indian 3 timer siden
Free Pc giveaway? lmao
mynameisray 3 timer siden
probably a 10,000+ dollar PC and something is rattling around immediately.. Shows what garbage Digital Storm is
SpAz_YOURABOT 3 timer siden
i was watching a linus video and then got one of his honey adds
mynameisray 3 timer siden
And it got better a week later. LOL
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 3 timer siden
My two issues are: one is that there is no optical drive in it and the second are the crappy unstable 3090 video cards.
Aluino dos Anjos
Aluino dos Anjos 4 timer siden
thomas bates
thomas bates 4 timer siden
Very Informative video Linus! I look forward to watching more of your content in the future.
᥅ꪖ᥊ꪀ 4 timer siden
I spent 3 days downloading gta 5 on my shitty 200 dollar laptop just to find out I didn’t meet the basic requirements 😐 but no linus 5 mins is toooooo slow (I’m joking btw)
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 3 timer siden
This would be nice if it wouldn't cost 3 million dollars xD
andy lindberg
andy lindberg 4 timer siden
Is Linus always this baked?
ON.THE.FRITTZ 4 timer siden
it went over 750 not just 600 MB/s lol
tolik owens
tolik owens 5 timer siden
What you guys need to understand when you start a windows 10 there is a glitch that shows 100 percent usage of CPU and over next few minutes it will go down. I can't believe they don't know that.
Rodrigor Muniz
Rodrigor Muniz 5 timer siden
Great video, and nice piece of tech is amazing what you can do if money is not an issue. I would have tried 4K or 8K display to test the performance. As for ultrawide, I would have loved to see something "more realistic" like the LG 38GN950-B, I feel the Samsung display although impresive (and very good looking) it will be a very, very niche device.
Daniel Vincent De Los Santos
Daniel Vincent De Los Santos 6 timer siden
How much does this whole thing cost and where can I buy one
Vikas V
Vikas V 6 timer siden
14:15 which game is this ? Plz someone ?
Exalted Fires
Exalted Fires 7 timer siden
me watching this on a i5 and radeon 6700m
OneGreatPancake 7 timer siden
CPU user benchmark disagrees with the video title...
WOODSMAN GAMEING 7 timer siden
Please sir donat me a gpu anykind of gpu if you want I am so poor i am from Bangladesh
The Cool Club
The Cool Club 7 timer siden
Nobody: How big my mom thinks all desktop PCs are: 6:25
Magma xd
Magma xd 8 timer siden
Well, I don't even have a pc, and I never saw a pc with my naked eyes.And even no gaming console but luckily I've got this phone back from 2016.
Michael Dalais
Michael Dalais 8 timer siden
yo if you have any old ryzen 7 pc available, please could you hit up a budget gamer ♥ :)
GAMGAM 8 timer siden
but can it run minecraft
James Camil
James Camil 8 timer siden
What about flight simulator
ArDian Blakaj
ArDian Blakaj 8 timer siden
This would be nice if it wouldn't cost 3 million dollars xD
ashok sunuwar
ashok sunuwar 8 timer siden
gift me Linus :(
bem0s 9 timer siden
can this pc even be upgraded bruh? how do you upgrade the gpu
aimbotrobe 9 timer siden
Just watched Zach Anner unbox an apple watch. Watching you unbox this is a similar experience.
DeadHill 9 timer siden
Hands up if you caught 9:26
Str8Shot81 Gaming
Str8Shot81 Gaming 9 timer siden
Am I the only one cringing at Linus touching the screen? Just me? Oh ok....
Potato Rider PH
Potato Rider PH 9 timer siden
imagine using this machine to play minesweeper hahahaha
arif shaik
arif shaik 9 timer siden
that red dead redemption 2 crash fix is easy, press alt+enter after u change resolution,save it and press again alt+enter..... good build though
HaXoR 9 timer siden
play league of legends and let them cry
ChAwW a
ChAwW a 9 timer siden
Can you make give away
Per Christensen
Per Christensen 9 timer siden
2:25 sounds not good. sounds like loose screws
Matěj Bludský
Matěj Bludský 10 timer siden
The ads just killed this channel no thanks byeeeeeeee
FBI 10 timer siden
Nobody gonna talk about 9:25 lol
Renzo Osuna
Renzo Osuna 10 timer siden
I won't get 1000 fps when I play League of Legends in there so what's the point?
Kou 10 timer siden
This is much better than PS5
Crimson's Beard
Crimson's Beard 10 timer siden
I'm sure I heard a rogue screw floating around when he lifted that thing
CombatingRowe 11 timer siden
The only annoying thing about his videos. The underlying massive hate he has for certain things, he lightly comments about with out roasting. It's not that deep man lol
William Wallace
William Wallace 11 timer siden
I get happy when my steam downloads at 25mbps :/
꧄𒐪𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄𒐪꧄ 11 timer siden
now here is the question: can it run ksp2 (when it releases) with high graphics?
Abdalrhman Deyab
Abdalrhman Deyab 12 timer siden
no one is gonna talk abt the smile face at 9:27 in the Status section
Thirdy Antonio
Thirdy Antonio 13 timer siden
Imagine downloading Red Dead Redemption 2 in 2 minutes damnnn
CLYRO ROS 14 timer siden
i clicked because i thought you are gonna build it
Jack lee
Jack lee 14 timer siden
Remember when 4 cores 8 threads were high end? Thanks AMD.
Chester Ogilvie
Chester Ogilvie 14 timer siden
Nuno 14 timer siden
@9:26 i see what you did there...
Mahdi sadeghi
Mahdi sadeghi 15 timer siden
Relaxing Storm
Relaxing Storm 15 timer siden
9:26 who noticed the emoji face
Relaxing Storm
Relaxing Storm 15 timer siden
Not gonna dream of this one lol But it's cool. Liked the video 👍
Yo s1auxe
Yo s1auxe 16 timer siden
Hmm how much fps can you get on fortnite
Karavidic 16 timer siden
Never seen a man dead lift a PC before
Ahmed Khamis
Ahmed Khamis 16 timer siden
u just too weak man
Minion _YT
Minion _YT 17 timer siden
What phone does Linus have an apple phone or a Samsung phone?
Zeaodz 17 timer siden
How well does it run league?
frbandit 17 timer siden
your amazing to be honest
Cpt Slow
Cpt Slow 17 timer siden
Monitor is just too big for that distance. I don't get how people can play like that.
Wrongful 18 timer siden
that g9 odessey monitor and this digital storm pc, takes up so much room. 🤣
ATW Studios
ATW Studios 18 timer siden
Would’ve wanted a blender demo with rtx 3090 sli
Hapyx 18 timer siden
you installed rdr2 for 5 minutes WHAAAT ??
M K 18 timer siden
Wait 3 years, that big ugly heavy box will fit in your pocket.
Luca D
Luca D 18 timer siden
“WTF” haha
AD 2020
AD 2020 18 timer siden
Man I wish I could do this kind of thing all day - Being Aussie and a hippie nerd I'd also try to incorporate renewables/eco factors
Chota Fallen
Chota Fallen 18 timer siden
What happend to games which need pure single power?
Qais Ra
Qais Ra 19 timer siden
Welcome to another episode of I can't afford it
TuxedoTerrorist 20 timer siden
9:26 Lenny Face when CPU percentage hits 69
Trueno 3400
Trueno 3400 21 time siden
Faster Pc In Gaming? Radeon 6900XT Enters To the chat
Kris 21 time siden
On a serious not I’ve always wanted a great pc any chance I could get this monster😂.
Oakgytes Oakey
Oakgytes Oakey 21 time siden
i want a pc with wifi speed like that
animation dude
animation dude 22 timer siden
palezz free campotar palezzz
Leutcher 22 timer siden
This look like more to pc server
avinaush venkat
avinaush venkat 22 timer siden
And here I am, who started downloading RDR2 so my grandchildren can play it.
untitledC64 22 timer siden
3 screws rattling around, "i dont know where they go.... okay lets fire it up " Lol
Amean Abdelfattah
Amean Abdelfattah 23 timer siden
... ... 4:04 😳 ooOOH Shit Oh Shit!!
Paul Robinson
Paul Robinson 23 timer siden
My two issues are: one is that there is no optical drive in it and the second are the crappy unstable 3090 video cards.
Tilapia 23 timer siden
linus can literally fit in the box
Infected_Chris 23 timer siden
160 pounds....I'm 125 and can't gain a pound.
Crypto Neo_Qc
Crypto Neo_Qc 23 timer siden
I have a name for this computer : Out of Stock
drsupremo88 23 timer siden
The speeds his excited about in terms of downloading is old tech to say the least, South Korea had those speeds in 2010 lol
Fox22655 23 timer siden
9:27 69 nice
Andrew kim
Andrew kim 23 timer siden
Linus: Fastest Gaming Computer is now AMD! Also Linus: two rtx 3090
drsupremo88 23 timer siden
Shane we can't play gow 😁
Rajesh Nain
Rajesh Nain 23 timer siden
Suit up!!!! And have my book of plays. Let's increase your subscribers. I will be your wingman👍👍🙏🙏😀😀😊🤙
MoonMaan Dag siden
You can never use lag as an excuse ever again.
GamingGunnar_ Dag siden
can it run crisis remastered tho
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