Maybe Building Your Own PC is a BAD Idea

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16 dager siden

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PC Secret Shopper returns - with a twist. In this episode, Agent Sarah investigates the experience of building a computer herself with the help of PCPartPicker to determine whether it's better to buy a pre-built PC, or DIY.
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TheAverageGamer 39 minutter siden
This was great fun! Well done to her, also a very sunny personality. Great :D
TopherFM 43 minutter siden
This was the most relatable experience of my liiiiiife. Great vid!
Weipeng He
Weipeng He 58 minutter siden
G Λ B R I Ξ L Ξ 2 timer siden
plssssss save that money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Umair Shamsuddin
Umair Shamsuddin 2 timer siden
Sarah: "Whelp, better test if it turns on!" Violently shakes the PC.
Olivier Thonard
Olivier Thonard 3 timer siden
That's true, last summer I built my very first PC (beofre the prices for a GC went way too high, I found a new RX 5500 XT 8GB for less than 200€). It was stressfull at times (especially when powering it on for the first time) but damn that feeling when everything works 😃😃😃
HeadShot557 3 timer siden
If anyone was ever nervous about building their own PC then this video should show you that all you have to do is try. Well done Sarah...👏👏👏
MinusNoir 3 timer siden
Agent Sarah: (tries to build a PC) Linus: (cries inside)
AppleTechPro 3 timer siden
I feel the pain Linus is going through. This video is hilarious. LOL!!! 😂😂😂
MinusNoir 4 timer siden
- Umm ... What's the best gaming PC? - RGB motherboard, white RAM, free-shipping graphics card, and a case for small pieces!
PaPa _ChOpPa_93
PaPa _ChOpPa_93 4 timer siden
she made me yell stop when she was touching the thermalpaste on the bottom of the cpu cooler lol was so nervous watchin her do this build
Tcid EH
Tcid EH 4 timer siden
No matter her skill. Her laugh is infectious
DuckDugDig 4 timer siden
noob building a gaming pc
Soumya Verma
Soumya Verma 4 timer siden
He wants her to fail so bad
Demetrius Crasto
Demetrius Crasto 4 timer siden
Still a better build guide than the verge
Frezu 5 timer siden
This I painfull
Simon Sabro Sørensen
Simon Sabro Sørensen 5 timer siden
How to infuriate.
savior139 6 timer siden
Still much much better than the verge
JustSomeGuy 6 timer siden
This video really made me realise .....that Linus Tech Tips is completely devoid of women presenters? Is that the case? Love the channel, but it could probably do with being a little less of a sausage fest.
Elementriel 7 timer siden
Really entertaining and informative. And just cool to watch.
asmo1313 7 timer siden
I tried doing this 25 years ago, when my confidence wasn`t inline with my actual skill in building pcs never forget the feeling when i plugged the thing in and my motherboard literally started smoking.
McKaya Pozzi
McKaya Pozzi 8 timer siden
Please do more reaction videos. This was so entertaining and informative as I am Sarah
Bullseiify 8 timer siden
What was her last name again?
dzhellek 9 timer siden
I had to pause at the duct tape. That was golden.
dzhellek 9 timer siden
He's cringing the same way I did when my mother asked me to "install the google" on her new PC. In case you're wondering she's doing fine. I put a shortcut on the desktop and she's happy.
Killcam 9 timer siden
8:47 my coach explaining why I am slow
MrSvingy 9 timer siden
The amount of heat she gets for wiggling the gpu is mind blowing, if I was one of the guys back there I would go over to her and explain how sensitive this component is and should be treated as such. SARAH, huge props to you for doing this. Can't wait to see you build the next one.
UrshyUrska 10 timer siden
Lol, I like that she used 2 of her lifelines for Linus to just walk into the room and her immediately getting it xD
Cody Hill
Cody Hill 12 timer siden
I cried when she kept wiggling everything upside down😰
Yeet Bruhs
Yeet Bruhs 12 timer siden
16:15 i just lost my soul
BlckMlr757 12 timer siden
I think I just shit myself and had a heart attack at the same time after watching this...
Yeet Bruhs
Yeet Bruhs 12 timer siden
Oh gosh I’m scared
Charles Isaac-Samuel
Charles Isaac-Samuel 13 timer siden
Welp Imade it to 17:59 and I can't go on :) Somebody help her!!!!
Aaron Screwface
Aaron Screwface 14 timer siden
You should get her and Dennis to team up on a build, with absolutely no help from youtube tutorials or anyone on staff there :D
TonyRobetson 14 timer siden
this was great! the Linus cringing and seeing some one else who's never built a pc build one is nice.
Darkswordz 15 timer siden
I was dying when she said she'll just "YOLO" the case and hope everything fits. LOL
Jaap van Ganswijk
Jaap van Ganswijk 15 timer siden
But she is very cute!
Wesley Howard
Wesley Howard 16 timer siden
Me sitting here with my $25 Asrock B350... $259 for a mother board, are you high..!
Mav 16 timer siden
She has no idea, but this was brilliant.
Levan Giguashvili
Levan Giguashvili 17 timer siden
I wonder if Linus's chair became brown from him shitting himself everytime she was shaking the PC :D
Kaimeruh 17 timer siden
still better then the verge.
Safic 17 timer siden
DerMunger 17 timer siden
"I don't know which parts I need to be careful with, so I'm gonna be careful with all of them" ... Uh huh, sure ;)
fattomandeibu 17 timer siden
She did better than I thought she would(not too much worse than my first attempt, and I'd had experience with upgrading pre-built ones by that point), I did wince hard several times, especially as mentioned by others with the GPU, but hey, you can't know how to do something without actually doing it. You can watch all the videos you like, but nothing prepares you for doing it yourself and she handled it as could be expected. Excellent work.
Animacek 18 timer siden
Im gonna keep it simple and honorous.... "clap clap clap, good job Sarah" :)
Beastly Juan
Beastly Juan 19 timer siden
Bro i did way better for my first build
Trevor Evans
Trevor Evans 19 timer siden
Most important question is where did Sarah get that sick Jurassic Park sweater??
billy nuttall
billy nuttall 19 timer siden
I can’t make fun of this. Sarah is me. I was Sarah. I asked for so much advice from friends thank god.
RYAN WALLS 20 timer siden
It hurts to watch
Mark dove
Mark dove 20 timer siden
Just watch Superman do it 🦸🦸🦸
john beach
john beach 21 time siden
This is why it's not wise for someone with no knowledge to build a pc.....but top marks for doing it..
Väike Jürmar
Väike Jürmar 21 time siden
i have never built a PC or even been near a PC build in progress and even i had about 42 heart attacks during this video
Criptic 21 time siden
gotta say for someone that barely knows this kind of stuff she did amazing
christopher 21 time siden
pretty funny. ty
TheDonorak 21 time siden
right now the only way to really grab a gpu at msrp is prebuilt.
M3h3ndr3 22 timer siden
OK from now on i want her in every video, AGENT SARAH IS AWESOME :D
Piet 22 timer siden
success is my only motherf*Ü?)§$" option, failure's not!
Pascal Kemmerth
Pascal Kemmerth 23 timer siden
Don’t know if she ended up with „just“ a 1660, but poor gpu. So much suffering involved on all ends.
Ajay Das
Ajay Das 23 timer siden
Linus: You have no idea how much of struggle it was I can feel his pain xD
Byte Me
Byte Me 23 timer siden
What is WORSE than building your own PC? Asking Linus to do it with his haphazard technique...
Jack Saloman
Jack Saloman 23 timer siden
Lol, so many That's what she said moment's
Alan Heavey
Alan Heavey 23 timer siden
Only here because of buttz
Barjee Dag siden
20:36 XD
BlindSp0t Dag siden
Linus self-congratulation on the scripted conclusion delivered by Sarah is cute.
sidney seitz
sidney seitz Dag siden
Maybe a few tech lessons for the poor girl
rustyboi Dag siden
if i bought the parts to build i would research a lot before buying the parts so that i dont waste a good 2000
Marko Panic
Marko Panic Dag siden
Stop touching it xD
Vladimir Baran
Vladimir Baran Dag siden
Wait, what happened to the duct-taped ssd?
David Ruzzo
David Ruzzo Dag siden
I haven't built a PC in several years. In first and last PC build was between 1995 through 1998. Back then I had a good job which allowed me a good budget. I think my black DRAGON tower, which had 4 500gb HDDs in RAID and a AMD 1.5 ghz processor, My GPU was a AMD Radeon 7450 or something with 512 mb of memory. Cost me around $250.00. Back then there was no such thing as an SSD or even hard drives bigger than 500 gb. A water cooled system didn't exist, If I went to COMP USA and asked for one they would probably look at me like I had escaped from the mental ward. I would probably be as lost, if not more, than this girl. One thing I gotta say...I never even considered checking if my components were seated by using her technique. At least her method is better then yanking on the components with a pair of pliers! Like they say..."there's more then one way to skin a cat". If I tried to build a modern computer today instead of a PC I would end up with a PW (paper weight).
Sive Bisognin
Sive Bisognin Dag siden
Linus is trying so hard not to pull a gordon ramsay
Aeron Ragandap
Aeron Ragandap Dag siden
im effin stressed girl. just let me build it will ya? 🤣🤣
Aeron Ragandap
Aeron Ragandap Dag siden
or why not search youtube = "1500 dollar gaming pc". then just modify the case. 🤣
Striker Dag siden
what kinda makes me a little upset is the fact that there are millions of 5 - 10 minute guides on how to build pc's in 2021 and yet they are trying to prove a point by allowing her to yolo the entire thing.
Shubham Goria
Shubham Goria Dag siden
3:04 "The disappointment on the face"
Linstic Dag siden
ok so my computer is fire is works very good but sometimes it takes a little more to install an uptade like it took 5 minutes to get to 100% from 99% BUT that doesn't mean its broken bruh
mrigank sagar
mrigank sagar Dag siden
her face reminds me of john travolta
Alexandru Burduja
Alexandru Burduja Dag siden
how? I built a 1650 super r5 2600 Pc for 600$
quick strike
quick strike Dag siden
What's funny is that on the LTT forums, no one posted a counter to her build saying "if your budget is X, then look at these two builds" and then give the pros and cons of those builds. would have been helpful for her. Other than that, this is like watching a toddler take its firsts steps. you help them a little then next thing you know...they are building their custom rig with a triple rad setup and hardline tubing.
VictoryLovesMe Dag siden
Omg man my eyes 20:11🤦
Ricky Dag siden
1. I shop for ram based of color and look ; I am not a RGBist so that is my next go to. 2. Sarah your manager is way to critical besides the moments you were shaking things 3. Major props to sarah for agreeing this knowing she would be made fun by not only her boss but the internet. Also great job for making a video better than the verge's pc build
EnCodedd Dag siden
my first time doing a case swap a motherboard standoff got stuck in my motherboard, I got it out but I almost cut like 7 traces on my motherboard and I never want to do a case swap again, pc works fine tho
Vampire Lord
Vampire Lord Dag siden
I build my own PCs like the one I am on now and I know the struggle of a first time builder. the shaking of the rig made me laugh so hard. props to sarah for that build and props to that magic GPU she had.
EposVox Dag siden
This was fun. Other than the GPU wiggling.
Dolfy Hissler
Dolfy Hissler Dag siden
Entertaining to watch someone else struggle, but I'm happy to shuffle off this mortal coil not going through the aggravation. Unlike her I don't have a skilled team of nerds monitoring me while I make simple mistakes on my investment and who can later swoop in and fix everything for me. Going to look for his vid on prebuilts now.
lekobemcgrad y
lekobemcgrad y Dag siden
AMD is for kids
Michele Marie Dalene
Michele Marie Dalene Dag siden
no worse than me in trying to build a PC that is why I use a MAC 😀
Bryan Olortegui
Bryan Olortegui Dag siden
This was the hardest video to watch...... Never again.
Skadragon Dag siden
I know many people found this stressful, but I was laughing the entire time. When she busted out duct tape to mount the SSD I lost it. Besides the unfortunate handling of the GPU while installed in the motherboard I was thoroughly impressed. This just goes to show that anyone with a bit of google know how and willingness to learn can build a pc.
John Connor
John Connor Dag siden
linus man take break ... your wound so tight you squeak when you pucker factor is stuck in over drive ,relax
Clement le Roux
Clement le Roux Dag siden
She is very cute
Kona Dag siden
Ithink she secretly wants to break the whole thing lol
The End
The End Dag siden
[ ] Spending a good chunk of change building a gaming PC [ ] Spending a good chunk of change building a gaming PC built around whether it has built in wifi or not Ahem... REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Wolfy_GT Dag siden
The GPU fucking froze me holy shit
CJ M Dag siden
He's foaming at the mouth, to be fair I understand
averytheloftier Dag siden
I wonder what Linus said when she turned the case up side down that caused them to turn of his camera and mute his audio lol
Mr Elba
Mr Elba Dag siden
I have to agree with Sarah. I built my first PC at 34 last year. It's a budget mediocre box (R5 3600 with a 1660 Super in a cheap £30 mITX case...I'd LOVE to upgrade the GPU but...well...). But It is SO rewarding! I love my little media box and I'd love to build something in the future for sure. Your videos have been super helpful (as well as watching retro computing videos...the knowledge works it's way in regardless of the age of the hardware). My cheap little box has personality...and sits there noisily whirring away (because cheap case!) hidden in the corner next to my much more elaborate home cinema set up. Only annoying thing is that I have a 4K TV and can't play modern games to use it to it's potential...but soon I hope! Stupid 'rona
Mr Elba
Mr Elba Dag siden
I want to throw up...
eaglesclaws8 Dag siden
Cable management was the most annoying part of my build.
eaglesclaws8 Dag siden
Consult motherboard manual dammit.
Karel Jayasinha
Karel Jayasinha Dag siden
This has got to be my favourite LTT video so far this year
David Orr
David Orr Dag siden
Put "Schwamp Schwamp, here we go!" on a t-shirt, please.
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